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7 Day SS'ing Challenge - EPISODE II

Morning Guys...

So here we go again... another 7 day challenge which I know we're all up for..!

We are going to do so well this week... I'm chanting my "I will be slim.... I will be slim" all the time at the moment to get me through..

Plenty of this :innocent0001:will be going on this week for another great WI result.

If you need any of this :help2: get posting on here and if you feel like you want to do this:eatdrink051:definitely get on here for some positive vibes...:vibes::vibes:

Good Luck everyone... and have a great day..!

H x
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Sending you lots of positive vibes for your next 7 day challenge Hannah - YOU CAN DO IT GIRL! xxx


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Morning, I'm on day two of my restart and STARVING! In need to lots of support and offering it too.



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Hannah thanks so much for starting this thread again!

Any tips on the water? i just seem to forget about it!

Good luck everyone this week
Hi Guys...

How's everyone doing - quiet on here today..?!?!

You must all be busy bees today :)

I'm just finishing my 3L before heading home. I've felt quite "heady" today and realised that I only had 2 packs yesterday - not sure if "headiness" is a result of that..

So far I've had 1½ tetras and a Cranberry bar just to see if it helps.. that's more than I normally eat during the day. I'm so busy tonight so I'm not going straight home so can avoid the kitchen...!

Having written my letter of acceptance to the new company and am now waiting for the full offer in writing from them before I hand my notice in on Friday which I have to say I'm quite nervous about...!

Sold some more MF tickets today - hurray!!!

H x
hiya can i join - need support - only day 9, had a good loss on first week but now worried as the scales haven't moved since then....

Anyway had tetra (frozen) for breakfast, 3ltrs of water already and now eating a veg soup.


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Hi, can I join your thread??

I have read with interest how well you all did last week and I need some of that!!!

I am due to get weighed on Sunday morning and need to have lost some weight as I haven't seen my cdc for 4 weeks...I am ashamed to say have been eating big time. I do 2 days ss then blow it. This is my 2nd day of 100% ss and want to continue until Sunday (at least).

Wish me luck peeps and best wishes to you all for keeping this up...we CAN do it !!:)
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Hi Hannah

Been looking out for this thread today but this is the first chance I've had to get on today.

I'm in!

Missed the start of the thread you did last week, started my own but blew it big stylee!

I'm on day 3 and going great guns!

(Although I do have a confession of having a planned evening off on Friday), so I won't be 100% for 7 days but as near as damn it I hope!!
Evening all..

Have had another great day...

Mochaj - another £1 for the clothes fund as I've been to my friends daughter's 16th birthday with loads of buffet food and I resisted completely... my DS even sat on my lap with a plate of food..!

Great to have some new CDers on board; welcome blonde_one and doodles and Westie I'm really glad you've jump on to - been reading that you've had a good couple of days, keep with it until Friday... :)

My light headiness has gone but I feel really shattered after hectic couple of days and evenings... my bath's running as I type..!

Saff - how's your evening gone. You sound relieved to have wedding invites in the post - be lovely when you starting getting back all your RSVP's - they're lovely keepsakes!

Laney - how you done, did you manage to glug the water today. I'm in a routine at work, where I take 2 x 1.5L bottles of water and have a jug and glass on my desk. I make up a jug of Summer Berry and as soon as I've finished a glass, I immediately top it up. When the jugs finished I just make up another one until the 3L have gone.. At least when I get home I know I've done 3L so anything I do on top of that during the evening is extra. I think after building it up gradually, I'm probably drinking around 4L during the course of the whole day.

Chika - hope you've got on ok :) have you had a successful day 2? No foods worth that fab WI result you get on week 1 sweet...

Will say night guys and I'll be here tomorrow... got to stay focused, less than 2 weeks until my shopping expedition...


H x


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S: 26st10lb C: 25st9lb G: 12st12lb BMI: 50.1 Loss: 1st1lb(4.01%)
Hi there hannah

Thanks for that, it sounds much better when coming from someone else. Thankfully the hunger has disappeared I'm in ketosis already yay! I've still got a bit of a bad head and I feel weepy and irritable (almost like pmt). But thankfully im feeling much better than I was earlier.
S: 13st1lb C: 13st1lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I do something similar with the water - I have 3 x 1.5 litre jugs which I make up everyday with summer berry. I have a pint before I go to work and take a 2 litre bottle with me too drink in the day. I have another glass when I get home and finish the rest of the last jug in the evening. I also have 3 tall mugs of hot flavoured water in work - one when I get in and one for lunch - hey presto that's 5 litres done easily!!!!
I'm in with your challenge, just completed day 4, 100% SS, drank 7 litres because I done a step class and needed to replenish water lost. Just off to bed as I'm knackered so good luck for tomorrow everybody, have a good day.
Yep Hannah am very relieved to have done them, and so looking forward to gettin those rsvps back
Todays been a good day had a tetra mid morning, chicken veg and mushroon soup for tea and had a frozen chc tetra about 10pm gluugged 4 ltrs water aswell today.
Heres to tomorow being a fab day for alll of us

Night Night xx
Hello all

I've had a great day! Been a bit slack on the water though so I'm trying to make up for it before bed. Luckily it doesn't make me get up in the night when I drink water late. (Yet!)

I've had a day off so went shopping and saw an old friend who I haven't seen for way too long :) I've lived in the sticks for 5 yrs and I miss proper shops so a 5hr round trip to the nearest shopping centre and I was like a kid in a toy shop! lol.

I spent a fortune in Lush, £1 definitely goes in the clothes fund for that as I resisted the temptation to EAT all the nice smelling bath bombs and soaps on the drive home. I wanted to lick everything in the shop but didn't because people might have thought I was just slightly strange :rolleyes:

I spent way too much on clothes for my kids. They'll be pleased though even if my bank manager won't :)

I took 5 x 1 litre bottles of water with me and a CD bar. Ate the bar on the way home because the smell of the KFC that I bought to take home for my husband was driving me nuts. I had to stop and get out and stick it in the boot so I couldn't nick a chip while I was driving.

So I'm 4 litres of water down (I wanted to do 5) and 1 shake, 1 bar. Need to make up another shake before bed.

I hope everyone has had a good day.
Morning all...

Mochaj - you sound like you had my perfect day yesterday... just think next time you make that "round" trip to the shops you'll be taking a very substantial clothes fund with you..! You made me laugh about the KFC and having to put it in the boot... :giggle:

Everyone's doing so well.. you all had fab days yesterday..


Hope today is just as good for you all.

I really do feel on a roll and have these little goals in sight:-

First - to be somewhere in the middle 12's by 12th October...
Second - to be in the 11's by the time I leave this job and start my new job which will be Monday, 29th October...

I can't remember the last time I was in the 11's so I'm really excited that it could just be a month away...

Keep at it girls...

H x

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