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71 Degrees North on ITV...

big bear

A bear on a mission!
It's complete & utter madness. I think it's so dangerous. I know they've safety team etc but I can't believe they've put something like this on tv.

Is it just me??At least on strictly etc u could sprain/break something but what if that whole cave collapsed...

Scarey stuff..
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oooohhh I love it ...one of the few "reality" jobbies I actually watch,,,
I'm loving it too. Wish it was on more than once week though.
oooohhh I love it ...one of the few "reality" jobbies I actually watch,,,
Me too and so does DH.

There is a lot goes on off camera that we do not see. That cave will have been well checked out.

I felt so sorry for poor Dermot last night.
I was gutted that Dermoid (sp?) gopt voted off especially as he did all the hard wotrk and the others just stood there. not a fan of joe, I really like shane richie and andrew castle - down to earth guys!

Does anyone know how long it is filmed over? A lot of them keep saying 'I would like to stay another week' so are they there for a few weeks?

Really enjoying it and its such a refreshing change to other reality programmes! x
I really like it although Gavin Henson's ego could do with deflating a bit! He knows he is the strongest there and keeps winning immunity which is rather annoying!!! Michelle should have gone last night - she is a bit of a winger! Dermot was silly too though, he put his head down and got on with it but I think that was to his detriment as ppl seen him as being stubborn and pig-headed!
what night is this on please. have seen the first one on a saturday night and not seen it advertised since.?
grand will catch up on internet and the watch next week. i love andrew castle, he is so sweet and honest and cute.
Did you see that they have to eat 5.000 calories a day to keep their body fat up to weight..........oh my.
I love this programme and I do think that their safety would have been paramount. I bet the safety team were watching those caves all night long.
Suzy Amy was on loose women the other day, she's such a lovely girl. She said it was filmed in March but didn't say when it finished or give away any information.

I also felt very sorry for Dermuid, he was silly to do all the digging but then the team leader should have taken action much earlier and got him out.

Great programme IMO!
Shane has just been on This Morning ITV.

He makes me laugh...........it is a brilliant programme and the more you see of the contestants in this context the more I admire them all.

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