790 plan...

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Loves weight.. training!
Does anyone have a link to the food list for 790?
I've just moved onto it.. as failed to stick to SS last week adn have been struggling with wanting to eat..

But.. as my CDC has some personal probs she's not ordered and hasn't enough books for a new starter.. so i offered mine.. lol now i've left myself without the page with the portion sizes and list of foods allowed.

Thanks anyone that can provide a link to them.
There are details at cambridge six steps to losing weight()

however it differs slightly to what is in the book

which is:
250g/8oz plain cottage cheese (5% fat)
325g/11oz red fat cottage cheese (less than 2% fat)
175g/6 oz chicken or turkey breast without fat
275g/10oz white fish fillet
260g canned tuna in water (drained)
190g Fresh tuna steak
275g/10 oz quorn pieces/mince

Plus 3 tablespoons of
green salad leaves,celery, cucumber,red radish, courgettes, marrow, spinach, kale, turnip, Chinese leafy greens like bok choi. Broccoli, cauliflower or any cabbage (inc pickled). Asparagus, Fennel celeriac.
sorry it didn't allow me to post the full link. You'll need to go to that page then click on "step 2" on the left hand side of the page.
Thanks Dani! ((hugs)) you're a life saver! ;)