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KittyB messaged me asking for some recipes for 790 and as they were all typed out thought I would add them here to.
Please remember to weigh and keep an eye on portion sizes though peeps.

Meal Ideas for 790 Plan
Turkey Breast Salad. I always use lots of spices to kick it up a notch. I have cucumber, different lettuces and cress on my salad chop it up small and add a bit of vinegar. I griddle the turkey breast on a hot unoiled griddle pan and chop up small and chuck the salad together. (I have this quite a lot as you can vary the spices or salad for added flavour)

Grilled mushrooms and cottage cheese. I get one big mushroom peel it take the stalk off add spices to the cheese mix and add to the mushroom then grill for ten minutes or so.

Chicken breast with asparagus. Get chicken breast and garlic to taste add spices wrap in tin foil cook in oven for twenty five-30 minutes. Heat up a hot griddle pan add three-four aspargus tips with a squeeze of lemon juice cook for four minutes serve with the chicken and one tablespoon of spinach.

Spinach wrapped chicken. Get chicken breast flavour to taste with herbs/spices flatten with rolling pin. Brown off in unoiled pan. Wrap in spinach leaves squeeze of lemon. Wrap in foil and bake for twenty minutes.

Tuna with Kale and mushrooms. Had this for tea last night. Measured my tuna steak spices it up added splash of lemon and shoved in foil in oven for twenty mins.
Then boiled the kale for 5 minutes and griddled the mushrooms with sprinkle of garlic. Added tuna to griddle for 5 mins just for texture and enjoyed and boy did i enjoy the tuna was delish. Also first time I have had kale and that was yummy.
What Spices can you use...... Also I have a recipies for sunday lunch

Have you chicken and choosen veggies then mix a mushroom soup but make it a little thicker than normal then pour that over your chicken and veggies ....just like having a mushroom gravy!!!