790 without milk?


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sorry another ? about 790 - even before I stared CD I had both my tea and coffee black. This means I have nothing to use my milk allowance up in I am now allowed on 790 and I dont reallu like milk enough to drink it 'neat'

Will it matter if I dont have any milk to the 1000 plan when I can have it with cereal for breakfast which I will be starting after being on 790 a week?

thanks - again!
The milk is an essential part of the 790 plan. If you do not like milk in tea and coffee used the skimmed milk to make up one of your shakes instead of water.

milk is essential to 790?? I was never told this. I used to be a big tea drinker but just gave it up (quite easily actually....scary!)
I am on 790 and not once have drunk the milk allowance. I assumed I was getting the vits/minerals from the packs and calcium in mineral water.
Do you HAVE to drink the milk?

You do have to have the milk allowance, why else would they put it there??

Its to increase the amount of protein you are receiving as part of the stabilisation process.
what if you are doing 790 as the weight loss regieme as opposed to stabilisation. Is it still required?
Can you have the milk as fat free yogurt or fromage frais instead? Is that allowed? I'm not a big milk drinker either, and I dislike cereals, so I'll be in the same situation in another week.
If you are really struggling with milk you can use fat free yoghourt instead and this of course you could add chopped mint and cucumber and use as dip/dressing with your chicken.

You will not find this written in any of the CD literature but it is allowed.

Even for weightloss the milk bit is important otherwise you will fall below the levels required.

right..better start adding milk into diet then!! I would like to try the yogurt...how many grams? What constitutes as a small pot??
Thanks for that information CD Counsellor, I love the way there's always someone comes along to give the answer on this site.
You are welcome.

I would avoid adding fruit until you are on the 1000 cal programme though as this could have an adverse effect with ketosis.

Once on the 1000 cal programme the fruit is a lovely addition.
Thank you!!!!!!
Will do the yog with some chive, make some sort of dip thing!
sorry can i just ask one more thing....if the yogurt idea is not in the literature, where does it come from?
cool! Thanks for the confirmation