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8 stone to lose, could do with a buddy!


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Hi everyone,

Just spotted this sub forum and would like to join in :) I have 8 stone I would like to lose. This will give a comfortable bmi of 22.5

I don't normally go with bmi as I have quite a stocky frame but I figure thats a good guide for now. I think I will probs look alright at 13stone but 11stone 4lbs is my target...which means exactly 8 stone to the pound to lose :)

I could really do with a buddy in the same boat as me. I am 26 but a buddy could be any age :) I am also doing slimming world and exercising. I have lost 5 stone before in the past (and put it all back on!!) and run a weight loss clinic at work, so I know lots about exercise and nutrition (I'm not bragging, just mean if anyone who wants to know stuff wants to buddy up feel free I'd love to help).

So anyone out there with a lot to lose who'd like a buddy please feel free to post and we can start kicking the 'insert explitive' outta fat!!!
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Well done Hun, that's fab! Your story rang a few bells with me, I'm 25, previously lost 4 stone and piled it all back on again, grr, also doing slimming world and slowly but surely introducing exercise though it bores the living day lights out of me!! Bit more to lose than you but trying not to think of the big picture lol, good luck :)


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Coolio cheers everyone :)

Jessiekay, wanna buddy up? I want to lose 8stone in total. Sounds scary but I am breaking it down each month lol. Set my goals up to xmas and will set further ones in the new year :)

Exercise is great...just gotta find the one that works for you. Exercise bike or cross-trainer listening to music or in front of the tv is good for some. Or walking in a nice setting. Or if short on time something like a kettlebell to torch the fat off you in half the time :D Plus the endorphines that are released will make losing weight long-term more pleasant :)


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I don't use facebook am afraid :S had some unpleasant experiences with it so deactivated account lol but I am always on here :) what are your targets?


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To weigh 17stone 10lbs by end of August
To weigh 17stone 2lbs by end of September
To weigh 16stone 7lbs by end of October
To weigh 15stone 12lbs by end of November
To be be 15stone 4lbs by Christmas

They are roughly my goals lol, will set more after xmas as I want to be 11st 4lbs in the end :) My reasons for wanting to lose weight:

...I'm sick of not being able to find clothes that fit.
...I'm sick of sweating under the smallest exertion in the summer
...I'm sick of having to always wear cardigans and jumpers over shirts so that it hides my fat.
...I'm sick of pulling at my tshirts when I sit down to make sure they aren't too tight and highlighting fat anywhere.
...I'm sick of my jeans being really tight, and how fat my thighs look.
...I'm sick of being single lol!


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Yeah I know what you mean, I have quite a nice collection of black t shirts lol! And loads of cardigans and jumpers that hide my body very well.

I have been following the plan for 5 weeks now, and lost 13lbs. And that is with a few weeks where I cheated outrageously due to birthdays and stuff. I find slimming world so ridiculously easy because it is tailored so well. I don't really miss anything because I don't deny myself anything :D It really does seem to be the way forward...is this the first time you've done slimming world?

I know what you mean about low confidence. When I am with people I know or at work I am fine, but in social situations I am really bad and try to avoid them if I can because I automatically think people will think 'wow he's fat' and it makes me feel uncomfortable. They might not think that but the worry is there anyway lol!

I'm sure you will lose great weight this week!


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Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! You used the dreaded 'T' word...tone. Lol. Exercises should be based exclusively toward fat burning at this stage, and muscle growth later. Focus for now on exercises that use large muscle groups - biking, walking, running. Things like situps and crunches will do absolutely nothing. To really torch fat you want to be doing work with weights as well - dumb bells and kettlebells are best. They will burn fat twice as quickly as cardio in half the time, but do keep cardio up to improve cardiovascular fitness.

At the moment I walk a couple of times a week, use the exercise bike a couple of times a week and the kettlebell 3 times a week. I'm focussing mostly on fat loss. When I have lost most of the fat, I will focus more on muscle building. Filling out with a larger layer of muscle will help combat excess skin. How old are you, if I may ask? The younger you are the better as you will have higher levels of elastin in your skin to bring it back from stretching. In the meantime, treat your skin to products like bio-oil, or boots own version. Healthy skin will make it less likely to sag and may reduce the excess skin problem. If you do end up with too much excess skin, speak to your gp who may be able to recommend cosmetic fixes.

I go to group. I have to lol or I would totally fail. My groups are thankfully very supportive...it might be worth you looking for a different one you can get to with a different crowd and new consultants?

Gotta dash, am at work lol but will check in later :)

Welcome, Sophie :)


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Just a quick one! Yeah find another group, it'll help no end if you find the right one! And at 20 years old you don't need to worry so much about skin. If you were 25+ your elastin levels would have dropped significantly but at 20 you should be fine :)
We can all be buddys :D

and you're tall at 13 foot :D


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Yeah I think this thread has gone from a buddy request thread to a lets all lose at least 8 stone...which is cool. The more the merrier!

I ended up eating pizza and chips tonight oops lol my sister is home from down in London and she is staying at mine. However, burned off 850cals on the exercise bike beforehand, and another 200 with a long moderately brisk walk after :)


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Right, back on plan this morning! Exercise may suffer over the next week or so unfortunately as I have been neglecting piano and violin and don't want it to show in lessons! Time will need to be spent practicing!

Just a word of advice Jessie...Do your weights first then cardio after. Your form may suffer the other way around which means less fat burned and more chance of injury :S

I posted a reply yesterday but looks like it didn't load : (

I'm Sophie I have about 7 stone to lose : (

I'm also worried about excess skin jessiekay sometimes so much it makes you not want to lose the weight. Does your skin really change that much when your 25?? I ask coz I'm 24 : (
I been told excess skin also depends on how long you've been overweight, exercise and age.

I have also started a little notebook as inspiration/motivation just saying goals, why I hate being overweight etc etc. Maybe that would help some people.


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Its not like you will hit 25 and suddenly your skin is useless. It just means elastin levels from then on in women tend to decrease and it makes saggy skin more of an issue. You'll be fine trying to lose weight now. Better to have some loose skin than die from being morbidly obese! You'll be fine, just focus on the weight loss :)