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8 week challenge

i did lose 5lb when i weighed on tues but don't know if this counts
thin_inside - target 24lb: wk 1 -0lb; total lost 0lb
Pancras - Target 28lb: wk 1 - 0lb: Total lost 0lb
JCJazzy -Target 18lb: wk 1 -0lb; Total lost 0lb
Preeti77 - Target 28lb: wk 1-0lb; total lost 0lb
Musical Missy - Target 28lb: wk 1 -0lb; total lost 0lb
Jo B - Target 28lb: wk 1 -0lb; total lost 0lb
Rainbow - Target 28lb: wk 1 - 0lb; Total lost 0lb
Daisydoll - Target 10lb: wk1 2lb; total lost 2lb
Sukie sue- Target 21lb: wk1 3.7lb; total lost 3.7lb
Kik - Target 21lb: wk1 0lb; total loss 0lb
Jezebella - Target 21lb: wk1 0lb; total lost 0lb
JessicaL - Target 10lb: wk1 0lb; total loss 0lb
SexyBecks1 - Target 24lb: wk1 2lb; total loss 2lb
Slimseaa- Target 28lb: wk1 0lb; total loss 0lb
Wannabeminime - Target 30lb: wk1 0lb; total loss 0lb
Valerie11 - Target 20lb: wk1 5lb; total loss 5lb
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I Can Do This!
Hi Val

Yes your 5lb counts!

Please can you post this on the Challenge Get Slimmer for Summer thread. Keeps them all in the same place.

how do i post to my challenge page ? doh

hi have found how to put my weight loss on but how do i post it to the challenge page sorry to be a numb nut x:confused:


Silver Member
Just go on to the Challenge .... thread, and click on "post reply" as you did on this one, and paste the info in, then click "submit reply" :)
Well done on your 5lb!
thanks for ur help my daughter copied and paste the other one but she wasn't here to ask i am computer illiterate unfortunately x

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