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8lbs to go under normal! FAO those nearing goal


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S: 12st7lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st0lb Loss: 4st3lb(33.71%)

I have 8lbs left when my BMI will be 25!

And yet my motivation has never been lower! I've been good today but I've been wavering in and out of it recently, on one day and off the next.

19lbs to goal- for those getting close to goal, did you find it harder to stick to on the last stretch? I have found it so hard recently. I've been having some personal problems and also because I am not obese anymore, it's kind of like, "Well, why do I need to carry on?"

But I do, I'm still not happy with my weight. And 19lbs is not that close to goal. My goal weight is pretty low (8st) but I think that's the right weight for me.

I also have to stop SS soon too and move up the plan. But when I've started eating before, I've carried on. Scared!

Please kick me up the arse!
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I am smiling because i know EXACTLY what u mean... u MUST KEEP GOING. Imagine what a wonderful Summer you are going to have. x


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There's your arse kicking! :D

Seriously tho, keep going... perhaps plan a treat for yourself [pampering, new item of clothing etc that you've got your eye on, and tell yourself you can't have it until you reach your target, perhaps you need to find something to motivate yourself to get to goal].

Anyway, keep going, you've got this far! You can do anything you put your mind to!
Yes, please, please keep going and get to your goal!

I found exactly the same when I did this last time. I got to 8.12 and my goal was 8.7 at the time. I was slipping into tiny clothes, I had people saying don't lose any more, I felt great, looked great and I felt blase and "Why do I need to do this, I am slim!":rolleyes: And when I got onto the second stage of coming up the plans, I think it was 790 back then, that was it, more and more food crept back in.

And here we are today, with ALL the weight +1 regained. Now, not getting right to my goal obviously isn't the only reason I regained everything. But I don't think it helped to be honest. There was no closure, I never officially finished, and I didn't get my magic desired number to maintain!

So, from one who has been where you are now, keep your eye on the prize and FINISH the race!:D

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