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I've decided to start up a new thread to hopefully keep me on track.

The 1st couple of weeks on this diet i did well, but then 1 bad day has turned into nearly 2 weeks :(

I am trying to lose weight for my wedding in october.
But am now setting myself this 98 day S/S challenge as im going away on holiday in 99 days time.

Last time we went away (april) my girls got very upset and annoyed with me because i wouldnt go swimming with them and daddy :eek:

It's the 1st time my weight issues have got to them and im not letting it happen again!

Im going to S/S for 98 days so i can be in that pool with them this time round!
I've promised them and myself :)
So tomorrow is going to be day 1 of my challenge... :eek:
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Sounds like a fab idea to me, good luck for the next 98 days, be strong and remember you're doing it for your girls!

Keep us posted xxx


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Thank you Sarette.

Well it's morning of day 1.. and the little voice in my head has already started... "enjoy the weekend 1st, start tuesday"
But im not gonna give in i have to start this today!!!
I will post back later, hope you all have a good day... :)


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C'mon Donnamarie you can do it :D:D:D just keep think how good you are going to feel once you are in that pool!


is going to loose!

You are going to do this and be swimming in a matter of 98 days girl! Do some floor exercises today and drink plenty of water, go to the park with the girls... take a healthy packed lunch.

Let us know how your getting on.



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Day 1..... FAILED!!! :cry:
Im so weak, i gave in :break_diet:

So now it's the 97 day challenge!
Omg i feel a fool :mad: :mad: :mad:
I gotta keep trying though, i cant give up :(

Thanks for your kind posts.


Must do it this time
oh donnamarie,im so sorry to hear you are struggling.
do you find this diet to extreme for you,as it`s not for everyone,or maybe you would consider doing ss+(with 200kcal meal)instead as this might keep you on the straight and narrow.this is what im doing and my losses are not bad well apart from when i cheated............see your not the only one!!!
i know how you feel about the swimming thing as i go and watch my 2 little ones swimming every week with their dad and they beg me to go and its horrible to have to say no as they dont understand that you wont go in because of your weight they just see thier mum whos perfect.
just try to stay focused as the 1st few days are the hardest hun,once you do that you`ll be flying,as i always say"NOTHING TASTES BETTER THAN BEING SLIM FEELS"


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Morning babes

I am gonna join you on this for a little motivation.

I am gonna do the ss with a 200cal meal though as I think I may need that to keep me on track.

Here goes to day one for me.

Come on hun ... If I can have a go then so can you!



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I Am joining you too. I tried counting the days down from Christmas but lost it and now am restarting. I need all the challenges possible to keep me on track. When you realise how time flies and you could have been lighter now it is frustrating. But keep at it-keep thinking how you will feel in that cozzie-imagine the confidence build up through the 97 days [because every day you are lighter]. Put clothes on now and write down what you are wearing and how they make you feel and wear exactly same clothes a week or two weeks later and write down. It can be very motivating. Good luck. I am just off to have my first shake!!!


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Aww thanks guys :)
I feel really bad now as ive not done it today :ashamed0005:
I've been in and out of bed all day, not feeling to great. :(

But one good thing is i think i now know why i've been struggling... i got my monthly today... my 1st one in over 4 years!
April 1st i had my coil removed and expected to have a monthly alomst straight away, but it came today 8 and a half weeks after having coil removed.
While the coil was in i didnt have a monthly, so im kinda having a bad one right now!
Sat here with a hot water bottle!

But i am so glad that some of you are joining me on my challenge, im sure that is gonna help me.. no excuses im doing this tomorrow.. i promise! :D


Will be slim!!!!!!!
aw you'll be fine! im sure slim people have no idea how much of a mental struggle it is to eat but we all understand completely! just rememeber that you have the power to overcome to urge and you're in charge! and you know you'll be so happy when you're swimming with your little girls and know it was all worth it! good luck xxx


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Hi hun

Thanks for the PM!.

I didn't manage a full day today either. I had some bolognese sauce for tea .. not loads but still not good!

Tomorrow is another day for me yet again so we will try our hardest!

Try and get some rest with your monthly as it may sap all of the energy you have!



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Hi everyone,
im restarting ss tomorrow (55mins actually) and hopefully thid thread will help me get motivated! i have a huge amount to lose, 8st in total but want to get 4 off by sept. Goodluck to everyone starting tomorrow, we CAN do this


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Almost managed yesterday -but had a nibble of some crisps late last night. Stayed up later than usual as day off today!


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Aww lisa.. dont worry about hun.. you did really well.

Just stick with it, it does get easier as ive been there i made it to day 18 100% S/S then thought 1 day off would be ok.. but it wont! 1 day turns into 2,3,4 and before i know it 2 weeks!! :eek:
Im with you today 100% again for me.. we can do this.. :)


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Thank you donnamarie. We have similar amounts to get off. Keep posting! As you can see from my signature, it has taken nearly 2 years to get a stone off but at least I havn/t put it all back on. I was about 12 lbs lighter this time last year though. Please keep me on track!

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