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9lb loss this week!!! :D


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No, not at all! I wish It was, I'd be at target in no time haha! I think it was a combination of things, I'd put on 7lb over the previous 4 weeks, from losing motivation and going completely off plan. When I had a 4lb gain last week, it hit home and I went away determined to sort it out. Stayed on plan 100% this week and have been really lucky to lose all of that gained weight straight away, chuffed!
Well done I find it so easy to put on a few pound and then give up completely. But you are an inspiration to us all that have blips in weight loss and motivation.:happy036:


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Well done 9 pound is amazing! X


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Thankyou all :D

I agree Happyem, its much too easy to let a gain dishearten you into carrying on with the bad eating habits, but then you feel even more accomplished when you get back into it!

Good luck getting it back off silly sausage, i'm sure you will do it this week!!! :D
That's so motivating to hear. I put on 4.5lb's this week and was in tears over my disappointment and anger at myself for comfort eating all week. Hopefully if I get back to plan tomorrow morning, it will shift quickly and I'll be back on track


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Wow, the only way I've heard of anyone losing 9lbs is when they've had a baby!!!
Great work, well done. :)
nine pounds is a great loss, you must be over the moon,,,,xx


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Looks like it was a fluke, just weighed myself (I know I shouldnt) and I'm up 5.5lb :(

Thought I'd been really good aswell. Had a staff meal/night out Friday night so allowed 70 syns for the food (BBQ chicken salad) and drinks and have had very few syns since. Made a lovely superfree soup that I've been having for lunch, so I've had lots of veg aswell.

2 days to WI, bit gutted :(

On the upside, I'm ordering my new car tomorrow :D


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Try and stay off the scales as they change all the time depending where there situated what time of the day it is what you've eaten especially whether you have been to the loo! Don't worry to much and wait to see what happens at the official weigh in, good luck x x


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You are right shenzi, just been to WI and only put on a lb, better than 5 haha! So that's probably the 9lb evening out a bit :)

Gonna try and stay off the scales this week, it's so difficult tho!

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