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9th week in to sf down 25 pounds but wanting to quit


30 pounds to go
I've lost a total of 50 pounds. I weighed 242 pounds 6 months ago when I came home from the hosptital after having mu baby girl. I am 192 today. Im very proud of my self but I want to loose 20-30 more as well. I feel like I can take a break for a month and enjoy food and be done dieting. And start again in a month. But everytime I try to stop sf I litterly can not! I wont eat bf or lunch and I want to. Is this normal?? Im kinda worried maybe its just my consciousness telling me don't quit yet?? I wanna loose 20-30 more by may/ june for summer.
I dunno my profile pix is me 10 pounds lighter then me now. And I wanna be like that again but I allso want to take a break. Im confusd
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The only advice i can give is go with what you feel. Only you can decide what to do. Couldnt you maybe slowly introduce 1 extra meal a day? IE have cereal or something, then the usual shake, 3 snacks and 600 cal meal?

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Sounds like you have mixed messages in your head to be honest. Carry on with SF till you feel happy with your weight that'd be my advice. You've done brilliantly but there is part of you wants to lose more and part wants to stop. The part that wants to lose is in control if you're not eating when you don't have SF so therefore is the strongest really. Fact also is that if you stop you'll gain a little when eating normally again.. if you're not happy to try and maintain at the moment or accept a small gain then you're not ready to stop. Maybe keeping a diary would help?

Well done and congrats on your baby too! x


30 pounds to go
Ya o guess so it's really weird. I think im fearing gaining and I no once i stop sf ill gain and that's fine. But im not able to stop. Ill take ur advice thank u

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