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A big lesson to all!!


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Hi all.

Well a stuck to my shakes 100% with no cheating and stuck to my refeed perfectly and to the letter!

However i have now done something very silly:(:(
I went out last night for the first time since finishing LT and so i could drink, the first drink i struggled with which was good as i wanted to take it easy! then the 2nd, 3rd etc went down very very easily...too easily!

Dont get me wrong i am a very sensible person and knew i had to be careful i just didnt realise how careful...i made it to the club only to spend my time in a toilet cubical if you get what i mean?? and today a cant move without being sick! I have seriously never felt this ill in my life and i have had some hangovers (i drank much less that i usually would have)

I feel angry with myself for being bloody stupid when everybody told me to be carful (my mum is always right!) and i wanted to warn absolutely everbody to be sooooo careful when they have a drink for the first time...so please guys listen and dont be stupid like me!!!!!
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Hey but on the plus side i looked pretty good!;):D xxx
LMAO never mind, at least you learnt from it, i guess coming off the diet things can be overly tempting when they are re-introduced. best watch this with foods etc.


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Hey im glad you find me being sick funny!! hello and welcome by the way hun xx
Hey im glad you find me being sick funny!! hello and welcome by the way hun xx
lol thank you, well serves you right i guess getting drunk on alchopops.


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Oooh youre harsh better watch out for you..wheres the sympathy?! lol i normally might have a blue wkd or 2 but i didnt last night due to the calories!! xx


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Lol Lottie no hun! i was honestly being sick all night..that is so not me either! Actully i enjoyed upto the sick part lol xxx


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Im not going into what i was drinking it makes me feel sick lol xx
I cant keep water down Fi:( i was worried i had alcohol poisoning! Silly girl, feel like im corrupted my detoxed body! xx
exactly same here hun but our bodies are really not used to it after all this time are they? It was prob all the fat before that soaked up the alcohol lol xx
i had my tea hun but i guess it wasnt the take away i would have had before going out pre LT! xx
I agree and i have really been worshiping it until last night! xx
I wanted to warn every1 Lottie as it makes sense when you actually think about it! I thought i was being careful enough but clearly not! x

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