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A bit confuzzled!

I'm planning to refeed in two weeks in preparation for Xmas but I plan to have 2 maintenance shakes a day with one meal over Xmas and new year. Then get back onto TFR in the New Year. How do you refeed for this? Cause surely by day 8 of refeed you're back to 3 meals a day then when I'm doing maintenance I'd be back onto 2 shakes and a meal. Does anybody know how the refeed plan works when it's being followed by the maintenance shakes? I know at least one of you clever people know so please spill the beans...ta muchly xxx
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I have a similar plan hun...

As i believe you do the sheet to the letter as your adding different food groups back into your diet in the correct order....

I am doing the same i finish my re-feed tomorrow and then i'm away thurs/fri but as of sat i am going to have 1 or two shakes a day and a meal until i run out of packs..... keep my cals down over xmas.... as long as i have a wee bit of carbs every now and then to keep me out of ketosis as i think a deserve a wee wine lol....

This is how i understand it!!!


No longer "Overweight" !
I'm planning to refeed in two weeks in preparation for Xmas but I plan to have 2 maintenance shakes a day with one meal over Xmas and new year.
If you're talking about the actual LT Maintenance shakes, then you don't have them *instead* of meals - you have them before the meals, and the idea is that they swell and make you feel fuller, so that you don't eat so much real food!

Send off for the free samples, if you haven't already - they'll come with a leaflet that explains how they work...

I got some when I had a holiday break a couple of months ago, and I have to say I don't think they're for me. Not in the way they're intended, anyway! I didn't like most of them but got some each of the soup and the summer fruit shake. I think the soups are fine as a meal substitute maybe 2 or 3 times a week, but really couldn't imagine being able to have two a day as well as meals! :eek:

If it were me (and of course this is entirely personal...) I'd get an extra week's worth of the normal shakes and keep having one of those a day, all through xmas. Essentially keeping to the day 4-7 menus of the refeed plan. You'll be out of ketosis then, and able to have a bit of social alcohol, but still be keeping your calories in check while getting decent nutrients.

I'd still recommend getting your free samples, just to see for yourself. :)

It's great that you're looking into it already,
Good luck,
Marianne x
Thank you guys, very helpful.

Dee, how did your refeed go? Did you enjoy every mouthful? I'm so excited I'm planning my meals already. Hope you have a nice couple of days away x

Shinypurple. How would you recommend that I do the refeed then if I was to continue having one or two of the regular shakes? Do I need to do it all, by the sheet like Deezer recommended then go back to shakes and low carb meal? Or should I just stick to two shakes and a low carb meal throughout? Also I thought you could do the maintenance plan and still lose weight...but I thought it was by doing what I was going to do eg: have two shakes and a meal. Or am I completely wrong...?

It's all so confusing...Xxx
PS- how do I send off for the free samples? Ta x


No longer "Overweight" !
You *can* lose weight using the maintenance shakes, but you have to use at least 2 if not 3 of them a day, before each (very low calorie) meal! :eek: You almost certainly won't be losing as quickly as you have done on the 100% shakes, though.

Have a read of this webpage:

Welcome to the Lipotrim Website

Although the link doesn't appear to say so, that should take you directly to the Maintenance section... There's also the instructions for getting the free samples, at the bottom of the page. Phone or email them, if you're in England, Scotland or Wales, or go to your pharmacy if you're in NI or RoI.

If you carry on with the normal shakes and definitely want to only have one meal a day, then I'd maybe have the same meals as on the re-feed plan, but spread over a slightly longer period. For example;

Day 1 = 2 shakes and a meal (exactly as it says on the re-feed sheet)
Day 2 = same as Day 1
Day 3 = same as Day 1
Day 4 = 2 shakes and
a meal plus a small potato
Day 5 = 2 shakes and a meal plus a small potato or
2 slices of bread or 1 pita or 1 roll or 1 bagel
Day 6 = same as Day 5
Day 7 = s
ame as Day 5, but maybe now introduce other lean meats and low-fat sauces etc and perhaps a portion of fruit.
Day 8 and onwards = same as Day 7

To be on the safe side, I'd su
ggest not having alcohol until about day 8. You might even want to get the ketostix to check whether you're out of ketosis on just that smaller amount of carbs...

One thing I'm not able to predict is what you'll feel like when you're out of ketosis, in terms of hunger. It's possible that sticking to 2 shakes and one meal will leave you feeling too hungry, so maybe you'll need to have one shake and 2 meals. I guess you'll only know that when you get there...

Remember you can always phone the Lipotrim HQ to get advice from them... :)


Thanks for that. Your refeed sounds good to me, think I'll give that a go and see how I get on. I don't drink alcohol anyway so that part won't matter. Thanks again xx


No longer "Overweight" !
I don't drink alcohol anyway so that part won't matter. Thanks again xx
Oh, ok. Well in that case, it's probably not so important to get yourself out of ketosis. I guess then you can, to an extent, just wait and see how you're feeling at the time as to how much carbohydrate you want to re-introduce.

The main thing to prepare for will be family or social meals - if you know you're going to have a full traditional meal at some point with a fair amount of carbs included (potatoes, bread, yorkshire puds, rice, pasta, pastry, cake etc) then you need to have gradually built yourself up to it, so that you don't suddenly overload and massively increase your glycogen store again (with all the water retention that that includes...:eek:).

Other than that, you should be fine. :)

Take care,

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