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a bit disheartened

so I am a newbie to sw since and have been really enjoying it and trying my hardest so that i achieve maximim results on my wi on fri however, I made the stupid mistake of hoping on the scales this morning (bad I know) and I have only lost 1 measly pound, this is also afer going to gym twice and generally being good :-(
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You still have a while til official weigh in so don't panic. I've been checking mine the last few weeks and my losses never show til about 2 days before WI. No idea why but it keeps happening. Do you weigh at group or home? If it's at group then the best thing to do is get rid of your home scales. Home scales aren't great however much they cost. SW group ones are regularly calibrated, cost a fortune and the only ones you should ever listen to. My scales tonight 10 mins before WI told me I'd gained 1lb, actually I'd lost 2.5!
eeeeek see this is the prob, im not attending a class im just using the help thats on here and was depending on my scales being accurate

oh dear maybe like you say its too early to be weighing myself lol xx
I'd leave it til Friday if I were you to get a good true reading, as I said my weight seems to go in the last couple of days so don't worry just yet. Whichever scales you use is fine as long as they're the same ones. A lot of people who don't go to group find weighing somewhere like Boots is a good idea too. :)
don't worry because the other thing is if you are new to the gym your losses may be slower for the first couple of weeks but they will come good eventually, just keep on being good and you will be fine :)
I always find my weight drops in the last couple of days before WI too. Strange that... But yes, wait till friday to do your WI, much better that way as it's still a good way off. Good luck!
Dont worry your losses may slow down when you start exercising mine did when i started swimming i cant remember why i was told though. i spend a good 4 hours swimming a week and am good but still lose about a 1lb some weeks. But im still doing it as it will help tone up. You will start to lose more and remember measure your wast too you may not always notice a big difference on the scales but you will with your waist measurements. xxx
Also a couple of days before WI i notice my weight loss more x

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