a bit of inspiration...pics!!


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I've been feeling a bit low having put on 4lbs and being generally snowed under at work, got the january blues etc.

So I was looking at some old pics on My computer and found one of me at Christmas 2007. Now let's compare that to the one in 2008 everyone shall we!!

Makes me feel so much better about all I've achieved. And that maybe those 4lbs aren't the end of the world and I'll get them back off with a bit of effort.

I hope it inspires some of you january starters who may be struggling xx
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WOW, what a difference, you look so good Rachel :happy096: :clap: :happy036: :happy036:


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That was exactly what I needed, I am at the end of my 2nd week of LL and struggling, yesterday I had a fish salad and some ham :mad: felt terrible afterwards, back on it today tho. Thanks for that x


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You look amazing it really is great what a difference a year can make


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WOW is all you can say!!


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you look amazing!
thanks for posting them
daisy x


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Wow /wolf whistle smiley/

You look absolutely fabulous! :) Pics like that should act as a real encouragement to people just starting their journey.


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wow, you look gorgeous!

January is almost over Yeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Louale x


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Wow Rachel, you look gorg! What a lovely photo and great dress too!



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Rachel what a boost! You look amazing in that gorgeous red dress. Truly knockout!

I can really identify with the fleece, jeans and boots of your first pic. Now I can think that, in less than a year, I can look as fab as you do. Woah - I may even be wearing a dress!!!!


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Rachel you look fantastic - and I bet you must feel so proud of what you achieved! Well done!!


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My reaction was "Oh my god!"
You truly look fabulous and gorgeous, girl!


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Thanks for sharing the pics.
You look super.
Lovely red dress too.
Congratulations. That 4lbs will be gone in a flash.