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A Bridesmaid's Diary

Hello, I'm a bit of a new poster here. And so far felt a bit lonely here so I thought I would take someones advice and start a weight loss diary.

In July I'm going to be bridesmaid for one of my best friends. When I tried on the dress last it was slightly too small for me so I'm trying to lose those extra few pounds to get that perfect fit.

So since Xmas I've properly been back on track for a week now (other weeks since Xmas have been spoilt by meals out etc)

Today I'm off to my sisters for lunch, part of me wants to take some lunch with me so I have a good SW day. Then later I'm off for a F&V top up!

Anyways finishing my cuppa in bed and then must get ready.

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Well lunch wasn't so bad, 2 bread rolls with ham and a couple of crisps. I did not have my HEb for breakfast so I think I will take my lunch as around 15 syns and have 2 alpen light bars later if I need them.

Went to aldi and netto and stocked up on low fat yoghurt, grapes, blackberries, pineapple, carrots, leeks and spring onions :)
Excited about wednesdays weigh in. I feel relatively back on track now making sure I get plenty of veggies in what I eat. Hoping for a good loss of 2lb, will be really happy with that.

Made the weetabix cake on friday night and have just enjoyed a lovely slice with a cup of tea :)
Hiya Supervic

Good luck for your weigh-in on Wednesday, my first weigh-in is on Thursday, I've rejoined my old group and have lost 17lb before I started it again. xx Boo xx
Hi Boo, thankyou. Hope your first weigh in goes well. Are you weighing in at group? I started off at the end of last year at group but found the cost too much for me. x
Hi Supervic, good luck with your weigh in on wednesday - mine is also wednesday but in the evening.

How did the weetabix cake taste? I have made scan bran cake before with chocolate and banana with was good. Wondered if the weetabix cake, do you flavour it with options etc?

Hi, good luck for your weigh in too.

Weetabix cake turned out nicely. It was quite moist but I think that's how it is supposed to turn out. Had some today with a little butter and quiet enjoyed it. I am more of victoria sponge cake person myself i think :)

Forgot to add, that I added cinammon to my recipe :)
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Hiya SuperVic

Yes I am at a group my consultant is very good and she's a great help.

How are you coping not being in a class or are you finding it ok? xx Boo xx
I wasn't coping too well until I came on here and started posting my diary. I was sticking to it but had too many meals out or weekends away etc spoiling it. On track though now :)
Well done you! I know I can't do it by myself I need my class to keep on track, saying that I've nibbled too much this weekend lol, back at work tomorrow so it should be easier :D xx Boo xx
I've been updating my diary but on my blog spot.


Please feel free to follow :)

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