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A completely fresh start for July- anyone want in?


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Hi everyone,

You may or may not have noticed that I havent really posted on here for at least 2 weeks, possibly more. I feel I owe an explanation...

Having fiddled and faddled around with restarting SS a month ago, pretty much unsuccessfully, I looked to the month ahead (June) and realised that with 2 holidays abroad, working away up North for a week, and moving house, that perhaps I was being a bit ambitious by trying to restart SS at the same time!

So, a bit like when I started SS for the first time, I looked ahead to a time when I know I will have few distractions and excuses not to diet. This helped me the first time around as it allowed me to make sure my head was in the right place, to build up excitement about it, which helped me stick at those first few difficult days. So as I move home with my parents at the end of June when I get back from my holiday, and start my new job on Monday 3rd July, I decided that I would restart SS on the 1st, the day after I get back from holiday. This way it will be a completely fresh start for me- a new month, a new house, a new job, a new me!!

If anyone else is planning on restarting on 1st July, let me know and perhaps we can support one another?

All the best,
Nikki x
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best of luck nikki xxxx sounds like u have ur head screwed on about ur restart! xx
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Hi Nikki,

Know where you're coming from about all the stuff going on. I've got weddings, hen nites and weekends away at the moment and restarted last monday otherwie i don't think I would have ever got round to it again.

So far so good anyway and am going to try and stay carb free(ish) when away and drink vodka and coke (not my favourite)

Good luck for July 1st hun

Jo xx
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Well I'm going for a restart tomorrow. Was supposed to be today, but I've attcked the bicuits already, so I shall be good for the rest of today & start tomorrow. How about starting yours early


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Hi Nikki,

Also restarting on July 1st, with new CDC this time. This is it, my final restart (or have I said that before?) If I can't do it this time, I shall admit defeat and look for alternatives to slimdom.

Good luck :)


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Hey Hollycat, we shall start together! I got back from holidays yesterday, had a lovely time in the sunshine while england was flooding! My mum watched what I ate so I didnt go crazy and the alcohol was pretty much limited to a glass or 2 of vino a day so that restricted the damage!

Im now well and truly ready to start tomorrow, gonna phone my new CDC in a minute and arrange an appt with her for this week (i still have loads of stuff left so that should see me through til then) and lets get this show on the road! Im soooo excited, Im determined Im gonna SS now right through til I go travelling in Sept, and then maybe do another month or 2 when i get back depending on how bad I was over the month!!

Look forward to becoming a regular poster again and keeping in touch a bit more! Love y'all, your support is what gets me through those tricky evenings and weekends, so thanks for helping me along my way! xxx
HI Guys,
Hollycat think we know each other from ww forum and wannbeslim we have chatted on msn before. I am restarting CD on MOnday so please please please can i join you, My cdc has a July challenge to lose 16lbs in July so if your up for it we could start our challenge on here together, what do you think?

Looking forward to doing this now.

Love Busy XX


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Sure we can Busy! Cant wait, Im aiming for a stone and a half in the first month so im hoping it will be 21lbs!! xx
Thats Great, so the challenge begins. I am pledging 21lbs for July as well. I am sure we can do it, Come on everyone join us on the July challenge.........You know you want to,lol.

Love Busy XX


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Mornin all!

Well I have awoken this morning feeling ecstatic about being back on SS, so the first thing I did was go downstairs and weigh myself before making a nice cup of tea (no milk but I actually quite like it this way) and had a pint of water. Upon standing on the scales I realised how badly I need to do this. Since I fell off the wagon about 3 months ago I have put on A STONE!!! Oh dear me, well judging by how quickly I lost a stone the first time around I'm hoping that it will be shifted in less than 2 weeks, and then I will be back where I was and can continue to lose more.... SO glad I am doing this now before I put on even more! It has also made me realise the importance of working up through the plans, as if you do not, you will put the weight back on more quickly and store more water weight (which I'm hoping this is!).

Anyhoo so I will be blunt and tell you my current weight so we all know where we stand- bang on 14st. 14st... OUCH, I hate being obese- when I fell off the wagon I was just overweight so I really want to get back there again and beyond to a healthy weight. That will be my goal... I will now have to go and change my tracker and everything, see you all later!



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hi i would like to join you i started back ss yesterday like you i set a start date, i lost 61/2 stone with ll 2 years ago and have put 4 back just because i didnt finish properly last time i didnt do maintainence just ate until i now feel crap ive had mini starts in the past but let other people talk me into breaking it but now im ready i want to book a holiday but wont till i have ss'd for a month so end of july im booking this is it no more excuses


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Hey deesel, welcome! Do you want to do the 21lb July re-starters challenge too? It should be achievable for anyone restarting today or tomorrow (obviously people mid SS would be unlikely to see that big a loss as it always comes off quicker at the beginning of the journey).

I shall try and post updates on here if people will PM them to me in one big message, rather than having everyone right their progress in individual messages, as this can get a bit confusing to follow sometimes!

Welcome Deesal, Come on Join us with the 21lb challenge you can do it!!!

Good luck for today Wannabeslim although i know you will be fine you sound so determined to succeed, i am, really looking forward to joining you tomorrow but for today i am enjoying my last day of eating lol.

Oh and don't forget Water! Water! Water! the more you drink the more you shrink!!!!!

Love Busy XX


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Thanks Busy,

yeah i really am determined! Im doing ok so far, had a pint of water, a cup of tea and one tetra. Need to drink more water- thats the one thing i struggle with... my tummy is making funny noises, it always does this for the first few days- its horrible cos i feel hungry and its like my tum is tellin me im hungry as well, making it doubly hard to fight it. But I will! I have to! Have busied myself this morning tidying the house and unpacking some of my boxes from the move. Dealt with numerous spiders and their webs/droppings (i am petrified of spiders so this i feel was a big achievement!) and now am sitting down for a rest and amusing myself with minimins and T4 on telly to take my mind off the hunger!

Love Nxx


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ihave told my sister i am back on packs she wasnt happy but when i gave my reasons and a friend backed me up she was ok, it seems daft but so many times i tried to get back to ssing but each time i ate because i didnt want her to know,now though i have to do this and afterwards stick to a healthy diet cos this has got to be the last time


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Can I join you too? Starting again after countless times, really going to give it my all this time. My start weight is 14st too :cry: But it wont be for long eh?


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Please do join us Mandy! Im sure I must already have lost at least a lb the amount of hunger I'm feeling right now! I had forgotten how hard this is but it is totally gonna be worth it :) slimdom here we come! xx


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morning, day three for me and i am feeling positive its the first monday i have felt ok in i dont know how long. just glugging green tea and water saving packs for later off to do some work now will try to get on later.


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Morning D! Im at work being naughty using the comp... oops. Well im glad i managed to see day 1 thru- i am 3.5 lbs lighter this morning. Whoop whoop now i remember why i love this diet
OK, Day 1 for me and so far so good, i feel very positive and up for the 21lbs challenge.

Oh yes got to put my start weight Arghhhhhh!!!!!!!........Well here it goes, I am so embaressed about this........:sign0007: I did not realise how much i had put on............Start weight 16st 6lbs:cry:

Lots of love Busy XX

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