A couple of questions...


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Hi Everyone, I joined SW yesterday evening to take the next step with my weight loss after losing a couple of stone last year.

I have a couple of questions though because my lady rushed through things and it takes me a while to get my head around things -

So, I knew about the red days and green days but, now there is an orange day (extra easy) So do I just do Red, Green, Orange, Red, Green, Orange?

What is a good syn value amount to be sticking to a day?

How many Healthy choices should I be having on Green days, red days and orange days because it's all different isn't it?

I would appreciate it if someone could clarify this for me, as I just can;t seem to be able to find a set answer!!

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Welcome to the board and good luck with your weight loss.
A goo d place to start is by reading Squiddies thread with advice for newbies

it makes things very clear and any questions that you still have after reading it you can ask .

In short, you can do any days, you can mix them up or do all EE, all red or all green. It's very flexible.
Red and green days allow 2 Hea's and 2 Heb's, EE only has 1 Hea and 1 Heb.

As far as syns go, I have 10 a day but some people have the full 15 a day. You could ring your consultant to see what she recommends.


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If you are at all confused then ring your consultant - she is there to help, she should have said this to you as there is a lot of info to digest when starting SW.

Unless you are veggie, she should have recommended you follow Extra Easy, in which case you have one A choice and one B choice (from the orange pages only in your book, pg 21-25)
Syns, anything from 5 to 15.

Make sure you have a third of superfree foods with each of your meals on EE (non starchy veg and fruit is superfree)

Hope this helps but if you need it talking through then I'd ring your consultant!


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S: 19st8lb C: 18st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 45.1 Loss: 0st11lb(4.01%)
Thanks for your replies people. I got in contact with my SW lady and she said to try alll three and see what I think of them but to be honest, I really like the sound of EE, so I am following that for the next week and we will see what weigh in brings!

I'm getting there slowly :)

Thank you for your replies!


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You sound very positive so that's half the battle! Excellent advice given already (as always). Try and have no less than 15 syns a day (unless your consultant has explicitly told you different)

There are many reasons for this, one being that when you only have a few lbs left to lose and you think you've hit a wall then this can be the first thing to adjust, if you start out with only 5 now, when that time comes it'll be a really bad idea to drop below 5 syns.

Give this thread a read: http://www.minimins.com/slimming-world/116347-slimming-world-faqs.html It's got all the frequently asked questions we get about the plan.

Good Luck!!

Natt xxx