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A cry for help

Hi all,

Well after struggling (and failing) to get back on the wagon properly for a week and a half now, I have confessed my sins to my parents (as I live with them half the week) and they have said I should start again tomorrow and do it properly- a new week, a new start, and no cheating.

I have said this to myself numerous times over the past week or so and it has not worked, and I am so desperate to be slim for summer, I have to do it!

I am writing this thread as I know that without you lot I can't do this, I need the support that minimins gives, and I would really, really appreciate it if some of you could message this thread every day, or whenever you can, to give me inspiration. This may be your success story, your words of encouragement, anything that will inspire me to carry on when the going gets tough!

Thanks guys,
Nikki x
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The Diet Guy
Hiya Nik!

Well if you can slim down like winning on the arcade you'll be skinny in no time.

Ok looking at 41 pounds to go! That means you should be slim before Wimbledon starts and that is like no time at all, so promise yourself that when the first ball in struck you'll be eating a nice 790 chicken breast and it can happen. A couple of months of hanging in there and beating me on every arcade game and suddenly you'll be slim.

Now go for it!!!



The Diet Guy
Oh and I can't believe you nicked my Eddies Shotdown Clock score!! I spent hours on that damn game....
Hehe thanks Mike, I have been really bored this week- which may explain why I have been eating, I always have been a boredom eater!


somebody shrink me
Hehe thanks Mike, I have been really bored this week- which may explain why I have been eating, I always have been a boredom eater!

I'm a boredom eater too, and have spent the past week eating. The uni hols are harder as they throw you out of the routine you've got into.

Maybe try organising things to do each day, and planning the times you will have your packs? I find sitting in my room all day trying to write essays makes me want to chew my arm off, or anything else in sight! I am going to try this myself too and see if I can get back on this flippin diet.

Just remember why you want to do this, for yourself not anyone else.

We will be slim for summer!!!:D :D
Hi, thanks for your messages! Just got back from my auntie's house where we went for a big family easter roast. After feeling really down this morning about my cheating, and having decided to start again tomorrow, had a sudden change of heart before we left today, and decided 'why put off til tomorrow what i can do today' and as a result avoided all of the following yummy foods:
- chocolate mini eggs
- chocolate mars eggs
- lemon meringue roulade
- roast lamb
- roast potatoes

So I am feeling pretty proud of myself! Actually, thinking about it, starting a diet on easter day is a bit of a crazy idea! So yay me! Heres to the first day of the rest of my life! xxx


Silver Member
Hi honey, Well done on getting started again today, Im back on restart tomorrow so will be here struggling along to but we know its worth it!!! Ive even just said to hubby that the roast we had for dinner was nice but I really fancied a hot choc shake!!! Slightly sad me thinks!! Good luck sarahxx.


somebody shrink me
Well done you!!

Bet you feel great for doing it! well, proud anyway- i'm sure like me you're tired and hungry too until ketosis kicks in.

Keep up the motivation and you'll be back on track before you know it!! xx
Yeah i have felt a bit hungry this evening but played cluedo with my family to take my mind off it and had my last tetra. It appeared to work :) xxx


i love minimins me :)
hey hunny :)

i will chat to ya on msn next time ya on :) i should hopefully be starting on tue so i promise like i sed this morning we will do this together :)

love ya xxx


Silver Member
Well done on doing it today, you're so strong and determined to have this as your first day --- if you can survive missing all that they you can survive missing anything.



Gold Member
Well done for starting earlier than planned. hmmmm was going to suggest the arcade.......but I have already said I am gonna ask for you to be banned to give us useless ones a chance......lol ;) ;)
lol sonkie i have to admit i only won 2 titles- my bf hacked into my account and got hooked on the arcade- it wasnt til i logged in yesterday and saw all of 'my achievements' that he had done it! Have now changed my p/wrd! Sorry all xx

dont worry hun, i have cheated for the past few weeks too. ive had pizza (twice), mcdonalds, burgers, chips, chocolate and the list goes on! i re-started this week, and am feeling more encouraged after reading that you r going through the same as me! i am so hungry, but even more determined to be slim by summer!




i love minimins me :)
hhahahaha nikki bless ya for confessing to the arcades lol

remember today is a new day :) and u know where i am if u want me :)

oooo and we need to see pics of ya new hair wen u can get them uploaded

I never thought in a million years I would do this!

Wannabeslim - Reading your thread just now, I want to tell you about my own experiences, in hope that it will give you great inspiration and help! When I first weighed in with my CDC I felt I'd been hit by a brick (BMI nearly 32!) Even though I knew the cambridge diet was the only forward, I never thought in a million years I would be able to carry on without 'cheating', I love my chinese take-aways, fish & chips, crisps etc., and I just couldn't contemplate not having some sort of fix somewhere along the line! Now this is where my life take a turn - read on. The first two weeks I found was still a novelty, and to my amazement I had lost nearly 1 stone, I couldn't believe it in that short time and really no effort (if those are the right words) I felt quite undeserving of loosing that amount. This gave me great ecouragement to carry on because I was seeing quick results for my abstenance. Granted I miss food, no doubt about it, not joining in with the social aspects and as you mentioned sunday roasts etc., but I keep thinking about the results I have achieved. I have been doing the cambridge diet for 6 weeks now, nearly 7. I have lost 2 and a half stone, I agree its been no walk in the park, and at times I have had to be incredably strong, strength I thought I would never have, but I keep going and when you see such quick results, its what keeps me going day in day out. So after hearing my ups and downs I hope this will spur you on wannabeslim, think positive results always, stick to it regardless and everytime you feel tempted, take a slug of water to wash down and out the temptation, thats what I have been doing and it does work, if I can see results in 6 week, 6 weeks!, so can you, and whats 6 weeks out of our life time? You'll be amazed and once you start dropping in weight the cravings and temptations drop off with it. Try it. If I can do it, believe me anyone can, I thought I would of been the last person on this earth that would be able to do this diet and achieve it. But I have and I am, just like you can ** Keep me posted and keep strong!
What a great post, reading it nhas certainly helped me who is still struggluing to get on day 1! All I ever want to eat is fatty rubbish so I need to do this to cure my addiction. Well done of your terrific weight loss so far.

Awww thanks guys for your sweet replies! 02bslim, I felt exactly the same as you but unfortunately when the novelty wore off i started picking :( but no more! Have just been weighed by CDC this morning (havent seen her for 2 weeks) and despite my cheating, being good this week has seen another 2lbs fall away!!! Whoop whoop!! So I'm feeling good about things again now.

Thanks all for your encouragement, dont know what I'd do without this site! Stace, will post my pics in a min xxx
Today ive eaten a snickers bar, a bar of fruit and nut and a bowl of cornflakes, I have never eaten cornflakes and I detest fruit and nut, so what does that tell you about my eating! desperately need to get going on SS again, but for some reason I cant face it:eek:

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