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A day in the life of Bexyboo! :)


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Hi everyone, so I have been lurking through the diary section for the past week or so and have plucked up the courage to start one of my own!!

A little bit about me.

I'm 21, and have been with my boyfriend since I was 18 and he has always been super skinny! :jelous: Not fair even though he eats alot!! But anyway, when we first got together I was the lightest I had been in a long time, as I was on the SW diet back then!! And since we have been together my weight has been up and down and up and down and I have left and re-joined SW numerous times!! :sigh: This time I am going to stick to it and lose the weight I need to lose as I already have joint problems and losing the weight will do me the world of good and I am fairly active also!

I am a receptionist in a Vets and I love my job!!! Only problem is when I am at the main surgery there is always lots of sweets and biscuits and generally unhealthy food around as everyone is soo skinny!!!

Weight lose wise, I would like to have my 2stone shiny by the time I go to Greece in September, though not sure I will be able to do it as I'm going to Portugal for 5 days in July and a week after I get back I'm having surgery on my ankle and will be on crutches for two weeks! But hey, who knows, I will try and stay focused!! :)

I have been back on plan about 6 weeks now, and I have to say I have enjoyed the whole of it which is brilliant and I am now only 2lbs away from my 1stone shiny!!! Which I would love to get this week!! :fingerscrossed:

Food so far today: EE

Breakfast: Nothing :( Forgot to pick any fruit on my way to work!
Lunch: Jacket potato with cheese (HeA), chicken, large salad which some SW coronation chicken (½syn for mayo as only had a tiny amount) Strawberries sprinkled with sweetener, watermelon.
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Hi Becs!!! :wavey:

:happy036: You did it!!!

Now I'm afraid you won't get a moments peace! We wana see everything that enters your mouth young lady!!! :17729:

With only 2lbs to go to get your 1st shiney you should be really pleased! And you've only been doing it for a 5 weeks!And I'm positive it does help to post on here. It doesn't matter if you can't come on every night, most of us lead busy lives, so just update when you can.

Have a great day tomorrow, and don't forget your breakfast!!! xx


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I remembered breakfast this morning!!! :happy036:

Soo, today at work everyone had cravings for cake! Not good! But I managed to resist the temptation of lemon cupcakes and pecan tarts and apple and raspberry tarts!!! Am very very please with myself, instead when my boss went to the shop I asked her to get me a fruit pack!!! :) Which I thoroughly enjoyed!!! Not a lot really happening today!!! Though last night I have spag bowl at bf's and there was garlic bread... and I possibly had one to many slices... Oops :eek: But then I did go to aqua fit afterwards for a very knackering work out! :character00115:

Food so far today: Green

Breakfast - Banana
Lunch - Jacket potato with cheese (HeA) and lots of salad and salad cream (2syns)
Dinner - Will be a big bacon pasta back (HeB)
Snacks - Fruit

I am on my way to getting that 1st shiny!!! :D


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Ooh...what's that I see shimmering in the distance...?
Oh I know what it it...its Becs Big Fat 1st Shiney! Woo! Woo! Xx


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Good Evening everyone!! :)

I have just got back from my first Zumba class...! And oh my gosh!!! That was hard work!!! I was worn out after the warm up!!! But I think I may be hooked already.... though cant go again for 2 weeks!! Gutted!!

I have got into a very bad habit... As I said I work in a vets, and I walk past the scales all the time, and I hop on them everyday to check my weight!!! I need to snap out of it as all 3 surgeries say I'm a different weight!!! Argh!!!

Not much really gone on today, apart from I went to my grandparents for lunch, and my Granny does what she thinks is healthy - but it is all cooked in soo much oil, I feel guilty to tell her though, as it is the way she always cooks! Argh!!

Just off out to dinner with OH!! Soo am hoping I can be semi healthy!!! :) Glass of wine comes with the meal - that'll go to the other half as I am driving cause the weather is awful here!!! :raincloud::(

Food today - Extra Easy

Breakfast - Banana and fruit pot
Lunch - Jacket Potato, cheese (HeA) bacon (2syns as had rind on) stir fried mixed veg, oil (6syns) muller light yoghurt and pineapple
PM Snack - fruit pot.


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Evening Becs xx

Grannys! God bless em lol!!! It's such a shame when you really don't want to hurt their feelings by saying anything but you know it's gonna b*gger up your planning for the day! :break_diet: I could never visit my Nan without having to have a cake with my cuppa!

Hope you enjoy your meal out with OH :candledinner: Is it a special occasion or are you just treating yourselves? xx


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Not really much of a special occasion, he thought he would treat me to a meal as we haven't had much us time over the past few weeks!!! It was a lovely meal!! :) I was a little naughty though, had some deep fried calamari and a couple of bit of scampi but never mind eh?? Ooo and a glass of wine! :sign0007: :D

Going for an Indian tonight with my parents - but I have it all planned what I'm having!!! :eat:

Hope your having a good weekend!! :)



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Oh, sounds like a lovely naughty but nice evenin! Good ole bf for treating you!
My weekend looks like it mite be a good one thanks. We have to pop out soon to get some fruit and veg, and then go round my Stepmums to water her tomatoes as she's spending a few days with her mum. She's been v lonely since my dad died and it will do her good to have a break. And its my beautiful little nieces 4th birthday today so my brother is bringing her up to see us after they've all been out for lunch and been bowling! So pretty busy, and I'm still in my nightie, having a cuppa, chatting on minis...when I should be in the shower and putting some clothes on lol!
Have a nice time tonight xx
Oh, and I nearly forgot...I'm doing my first ever race for life tomorrow! Xx
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So the past few days have been awful food wise!!! Out for dinner Friday and Saturday night and to my nan's for lunch on Sunday! Then yesterday had about half a bag of Liquorish allsorts and I have just had another bag today... I don't know what is happening to me! :( and its WI tonight!!!! So I know it is going to be a bad one this week!!!

Plus this week I know my food choices wont be brilliant!! Am going to London tomorrow to see Kings Of Leon at Hyde Park - mega excited but venue food is terrible!!! But we may just have a massive lunch and grab a sandwich for the train journey home!!

And on Friday I am going to Thorpe Park - so more bad food, though we will be going to Pizza Hut for food, so I will try and just have pasta, but I'm a sucker when it comes to Pizza - nom nom nom! :D

Exercise this weekend hasn't been too bad either, not as good as last week, but I had Zumba Friday night, and Aquafit Monday morning, plus on Sunday spent an hour up BF's smallholding sorting out our veg plot and running around with the dogs - every little helps I guess! :rolleyes:

Have just looked at the syn value for a whole bag of Liquorish allsorts - 1syn per sweet - not sure how many in a bag, I'm guessing about 40 - oops, wont be having any more syns today then.... :D

So, I am really in-need of some inspiration - I have to lose this weight! Have got 2.5weeks till I go to Portugal - and I have no idea what food I will be eating there - is it like Spanish tapas does anyone no??

Food today -

Breakfast - Liquorish allsorts :eek: - 40syns at least
Lunch - will be salad, with chicken! And two activia fat free yoghurt's!
Dinner - not sure - see what I fancy after WI!

I will be going on the Wii at lunch time - just to burn off a few extra calories!!!!


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Hi Becs xx

Wow you have got a busy week ahead of you! :D Think you better ask the bf to hide the liquorish allsorts though! ;)

I'm afraid I can't help you on the food in Portugal...I won't fly much to my hubbys amusement! He used to have a time share apartment in Portugal but after 8 years together and me refusing to go, he finally swapped it last year for a flexible week which can be used in Europe! He's out at choir practice atm but I'll ask him about the food when he gets in tonight xx

Hope wi was ok tonight :cross: I wonder what we can do to get you back into it all again? If you have 2 1/2 weeks before you go away, you could actually lose 1/4 of a stone by then! :scale: It sounds like you may be slipping in to "holiday mode" a bit early lol! I do that...I start to think about all the lovely things I'll be doing and EATING and I start to lose focus! Mind you, having said that I'm going away on Saturday and so far I've been fairly ok :confused:

Lots of love,

Dawn xx


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Thank you for your words of support!! :)

I lost half a pound tonight!!! Am really pleased with that!!! Going to be hard tomorrow and Friday - but hopefully I can control myself a bit better!! Thursday will be fine! And the weekend semi okay at the moment, though have a family BBQ on Sunday for my cousins 18th birthday - but I'll be driving so wont be tempted by any drink!!!

Ooo where are you going on holiday?? Hope the weather cheers up for you if it is here in the UK!!!

A plus size to where I'm staying in Portugal there is a swimming pool and a gym there!! :) and my brother and cousin are big gym people so we be totally motivated by them!!! I hope :) And its going to be hot so hopefully I will only fancy salad...!

Was a little naughty after WI tonight! Had a pie - it was delicious! Then almost a whole bar of caramel dairy milk, but I needed chocolate. Had a bad afternoon at work! :(

But oh well!! I will probably have lot of exercise tomorrow, so that should be good I guess!


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Well done Becs!!! I am pleased for you!! All that worry for nothing lol!

We're off to Cockermouth in the Lake District on Saturday. We rent a cottage there every year... it rains every year... and I totally LOVE it lol! :silly: The sad part is that this is the first year we will be going without any dogs as we lost both of ours recently :cry: So it will be a little strange as they were a big part of our holiday, but we will still have a great time I'm sure.

Hubby says it depends whereabouts you're staying in Portugal as to what food is available, but theres all sorts...Italian, sea food, English food...so you should find LOTS & LOTS to eat! :eek:


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Oh My Gosh!!!

Kings Of Leon were AMAZING!!!! But food choices were awful!!!

Started of the day - and bf made me a bacon bagel!!! Then it came to lunch - needed to grab something quick, so we went to MaccyD's and I ordered a chicken and bacon wrap trying to me healthy, and asked for a large diet coke and ended up having fries as well and me being me I can't let good food go to waste!! Hehe! So that was that! And then when we were at the concert sent James off to get some food he brought me back a large steak bagette! Was lovely, but oh so synful!

But I have decided I was out for the day, I need to enjoy myself, plus I needed lots of energy for all the jumping around! :D

I have a problem today... I can't seem to get back on track, went to Morrisons before work and bought myself lots of fruit (mango and pineapple). Then my boss came in with a chocolate twist which I devoured within minutes. AND a bag of jelly babies! I need to get in control of myself! I already know tomorrow will probably bad as we are now going for breakfast on the way too...!

Hope you have a lovely time away Dawn, I would love to go to the Lake District - sounds soo beautiful. I have been to the Peak District before and that was nice!! We have that in Cornwall go every year... Rains every year! :D Oh I'm sorry about the loss of your dogs! :( DO you reckon you'll every get another one, I know what you mean about them being such a big part of your life!!

I have a feeling we will be going to all the posh places to eat and my family are fairly posh - not sure where I came from really!! Haha!!!

I tell you what, I am soo glad that we were fairly quiet at work this morning, we didn't get in until 12.15am and my feet were aching soo soo much as we were standing from 14.30-10.30 and walking round London before hand!!!! I have woken up a bit now - but have a very busy afternoon ahead of me! But Mum will have a lovely SW pasta bake ready for me when I get in!! So that may kick start my healthy eating again, well until tomorrow!

Then tonight its Guides :) I'm a Guide leader so that always burns off lots of energy :D

Hope everyone is having a good day! :) x


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Hiya Becs xx

So pleased you enjoyed the concert hun! I have to say that the food you had sounds flipping gorgeous...my mouth is watering! :drool: You're dead right to not dwell on it and just accept that you were on a day out and :Na_Na_Na_Na: to tha diet for that day!

Hope you've managed to get back on track now x

In answer to your question, I would dearly love another little dog, but hubby feels we should have a break for a while. It was very hard work caring for 2 ill dogs, and so emotionally draining when we lost them, I think he just needs a little more time. But hopefully we will get another one at some point xx


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So, am still not back on track since Wednesday yet... oops! But hey ho!!

Went to Thorpe Park yesterday and had soo soo soo much fun!! Was great!!! Though we got totally soaked on Tidal Wave!!! I want to go again!!! I'm such a thrill seeker!!

Have spent today with the work girlies decorating one of the branch surgeries which has been fun!! Though went out for a massive lunch!!! And had lots of sweeties and Pringle's!!! :D

Family BBQ tomorrow - hoping I will be back on track by then :S As only 3 days until WI! Weighed myself after lunch and said I had put on 2.2kgs - though was straight after lunch soo...!!

Sorry, nothing very exciting to say today, would go through all my food from yesterday but don't want Dawn to start drooling :drool:again! Hehe!

Am waiting for bf to turn up though so we can go shopping and get dinner for tonight! Steak! Yum yum yum! :D

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