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A few beginners questions :)

Hello Guys,

I'm waiting for my book to arrive from amazon, but thought I'd ask a few questions that are on my mind about starting Atkins.

I don't have a massive amount of weight to lose, but have found that by following diets like weight watchers I've failed miserably. Mainly because I seemed to live off a lot of pre-packaged and faux-sugar foods, although I always stuck to the amounts I was meant to have, my weight loss was painfully slow to the point where I couldnt bear to keep doing it. I'd lose 1lb one week then nothing for a couple of weeks, and then back to 1lb...it was just painful and incredibly frustrating considering I know I'd followed the diet rules rigidly.

Someone did suggest to me that my carb intake was way too high and the blood sugar rises and crashes may have something to do with my inability to lose weight. I'd always believed the myth that atkins was about frying meat in butter and cutting out anything remotely healthy, so steered clear of it, its only recently that I've decided that low-carb might be the way to go, so have actually looked into the diet.

So for the first 2 weeks on induction I stick to the stricter food list, do I have a "carb-allowance" for this? Or is that only when you're into the "OWL" plan?

And can you just pretty much choose anything as long as you count the carbs or can they only come from specific things? The reason I ask is because I found a website which sells all low-carb products (snack-bars, sauces, etc) and I wonder if anyone uses this kind of principle?

Also alcohol. Now this is my major downfall :) I live with 3 boys who drink beer most nights of the week and seem to live off pizza (something thats very tempting after several beers!!) But we do socialise together quite a lot and giving up alcohol completely would be difficult for me, as our social life seems to exist in the pub. I can of course give it up for the introductory period, but long-term, is it ok to include in the diet? Looking online, clear spirits like vodka have 0g carbs, but I take it that doesnt mean you can just have as much as you like :p (if only!) any ideas on how harmful it may be to the diet, and what kind of limits are recommended?

Lastly, portion sizes, I notice none are recommended, is it just a case of be sensible, or can you go too far quite easily?

Hope that all makes sense, thanks in advance for any help you'll be able to give me and look forward to reading the forums some more :)
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Hi and welcome.
On induction you should be having 20 carbs a day max and most of this should come from veggies ( green leafy ones ;) ). Dont forget to count carbs in sausages/bacon and any pre packaged meat.
I drink wine most nights :) not that fond on beer but wine - oh yes. Ok my weight loss hasnt been massive (yet) or very quick but this diet has totally changed my way of eating. Its amazing :D
Portion sizes - you only really need to check portions on veggies and cheese. I you look at the stickies at the top of the page there are lists of carb contents etc.

Good luck!!!!
ahh ok so its 20g for the introductory period and then does it go up? And is there a certain amount of carbs they recommend you get from veg or again is that just common sense? Your weight loss may not have been dramatic, but its certainly consistent and still going so thats something I'd more than happy with, you've done really well! :)

newbie10 - its my biggest downfall, makes me feel like a bit of an alchie, but I blame my friends! ;)
Hi Syrinx.


OOOps, caps lock problem.

I'd stick to green leaf veggies and stay away from any of the Atkins or LC/SF products during induction as well.

Finally, you can stay on induction for longer than 2 weeks.

and if ahem, you must drink, stick to dry red or white wine or clear spirits.

Oh and I like your Nick, especially as you are living with 3 blokes. LMAO.


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lol @ Jim

Im still on induction. I found i can cope with the 20 carb restriction :)
ah, you caught the reference then Vicky. :)
Lol yeah, I've always used this nick for online games (ie warcraft, yes I'm a nerd), it does seem somewhat inappropriate since I moved in with the boys tho!

Thanks for the advice, I may be tempted by the alcohol yes, I'm weak!! :p but it's good to know I dont have to throw the diet away just for a few social drinks :)


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Lol :)
as long as you dont have a drink and the pizza lol x
i was thinking i had chose the wrong week to start the atkins, what with easter weekend and my friends wanting to go out! but im gonna just limit myself to one night and a few cheeky vokda and sodas ;) xox
I'm out on the lash tonight, I've been really good all week and I'm down a couple of pounds on my posted weight so I have a little leeway. :)
I'll be having a couple of pints of Guiness and a bottle of red probably Vicky.


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ill get there one day lol
how many carbs in a pint ?

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