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A few questions from a total beginner!

Hi guys, I saw a comment under a totally unrelated weight loss article from a girl who had lost 8.2kgs in 3weeks on the Dukan diet. I was amazed and googled it straight away, sure it would be one of those Total Food Replacement diets. It's clearly not and I'm really hoping to do it. minimins is absolutely brilliant for picking up tips and ideas, and I hope you lot don't mind me asking some questions.

On attack can I use herbs and spices or must everything be plain? I've seen some people talk about ginger and garlic! The website said I should do attack for 2days but I'm in a bit of a hurry lo lose some weight and I'd say I could manage four or five days of just protein if I put my mind to it.

What is PP?

On cruise, do I alternate between protein only days and veg and protein days? Are there any types of veg I wouldn't be allowed? Can I have fruit at all?

Lastly (for now anyway) where can I order the book and how much will it cost?
Thanks in advance for any help you might give me!
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Hi Bananarama1

I registered with dukandiets dot co dot uk, I think it's about e45 for a month and you get the full plan, programme and daily emails, recipes etc. I'd say the book is a lot cheaper though, and as the site is traslated from french, it can get a bit cheesy :D

Like you, I was told to do attack for 2 days but I did four I think, and then do more PP (pure protein) than PV (protein and veg) days in cruise. I plan on staying on the third, consolidation, phase for a while though, to firm up the losses I've managed. I just want to get the numbers down :eek:

I'm finding I like the strictness, and all the 'rules' and the elimination of nasty cravings...

and best of all... I've lost almost 6kg in 2 weeks. So, if it's for you, I say go for it!

Best of luck


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can i ask how tall you are its not on your stats?
what did dukan say your true weight should be. sorry im very nosey.
Yes you can use all sorts of herbs and spices! ive never used so many in my life!
PP is pure protein days PV is protein and Veg once you are on cruise.
I did 5 days of attack to start!


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Hello there... there are a few veg not allowed (peas, sweetcorn, potatoes, etc. - but they're the "obvious" ones...). As for fruit, none is allowed.

Depending on how much weight you need to lose, the doctor recommends between two and five days' attack.
Thanks soooo much everyone. I am 5" 2inches and dukan website said my true weight is 9stone 4lb. uuurgh, quite the challenge ahead of me! I have been putting on and taing the off the same 4lb since I started slimming world in July and im gettin nowhere, its too flexible for me. I need rules!
would this be ok for today
Breakfast : scrambled egg made with 2eggs? and maybe some sliced ham?
Lunch: 2chicken fillets and a vanilla Muller light
Dinner: Lean mince home made burgers

Thanks for any feedback...


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Hello :) I did exactly the same on slimming world - 4lbs off 4 lbs on! i think its the pasta.

Is the ham extra lean/low fat?
The mince needs to be under 5% fat
Oh and your oatbran is a must!!!!!
otherwise seems ok.
plenty of water too

when are you starting?


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err I think she's started, haaaaa!

Not bad but get your oatbran soonest (and the book, cos it'll explain all sorts of things we won't remember!)
Looks pretty good you might want to make a gallatte to have with your burger, or just stick the oatbran in your yogurt.

Dont be afraid to eat more protein, especially when starting off, you'll be fighting the cravings. Keep some chicken or hard boiled eggs or something handy. Maybe make extra burgers to have to hand.
hi bananarama ,i think u may need to be eating a little more !! i find this diet amazing has to the amount u can eat if u want to and u still lose !!!

and plenty of water and loads of loo breaks !!

also have in some tinned salmon my godsend since ive been home from my hols for something quick and easy and cottage chesse which i have missed !!
I got my book! Woohoo, found in in a local bookstore. €16.90....a lot more than on e bay but i didnt want to wait. So far today Ive had 2scambled eggs, 2chicken fillets with some thai spice and a galette made from the oat bran and quark! Lots of water and Im feeling great, wasn't even hungry today and had lunch really late, and Im ALWAYS hungry!!!


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Yep! you'll do nicely! Welcome Nikki!

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