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A few questions....


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Hi guys...

Thanks for all your support and advice yesterday, really helped. My brother got p*ssed last night and ended up sobbing telling me how much he loved me and was sorry for all the crap he gives me... helped clear the air :)

Anyways, I have a few questions about the diet...

Next weekend i'm off to visit some friends in Nuneaton. Havent seen them in ages and am really really looking forward to it. My friend Karen has booked a table for us (6 of us) to eat out. Now, I've already told her i'm doing LT and she's fine about it all, totally understands if i dont eat or anything... Anyways, i was wondering, if I did eat is there something I could have to stop me from coming out of ketosis? If i followed an atkins type diet for one night only (literally the meal on saturday night) would it totally ruin the diet??

Plus, if I chose to have a drink or two is there anything I should drink or should i just avoid alcohol at all costs. Someone told me vodka and diet coke is the best thing to go for....

Any help will be much appreciated. I dont necessarily need to eat (I mean, i've doing without slow orasted pork and all the trimming today, even though the smell is killing me!) but I am really looking forward to seeing my friends and want to enjoy the weekend....

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Hiya Livvy, well it depends on you really, there are two schools of thought on this site, one is the 100% no matter what the occassion, so they will rightly post about not slipping, or breaking the plan whatsoever, the second school is were I come in, if its really special and you'd enjoy yourself more by making a conscious decision to eat and drink that one night then go for it, but unfortunately all we can do is give our points of view, at the end of the day, the decision lies with you.

Will the earth stop rotating if you come of the plan for one night..NO
Will your resolve be weaker the next day....MAYBE
Will it have been worth it....MAYBE
Will you feel like out of place in a restaurant with 5 other pals eating for 2-3hours....MAYBE...(I know I would :( )
Was it one meal out with pals that put the weight on in the first place...NO
If you have the meal and enjoy your night, will you be able to get back onto the plan without using it as an excuse to continue to slip....THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO WORK ON BEFOREHAND..

Hope this helps in someway..LOL...

Sorry to answer your question with so many others, but its part of the decision making process you have to decide on :)


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As caroline says its a personal choice. I have been on foodpacks since last September and have been out for lots of meals (including today) and have not eaten anything. Just sparkly water and black coffee and my own bar or tetra. I enjoy the company but don't feel the need to break the diet. I have realised that I don't need to fill my face to have a good time and I hope that will help me eat in moderation in
the future.
Fully appreciate that not everyone could or wants to do this. In my experience people I know who have eaten carry on picking food and get into problems. But you know your own strength of mind so you must judge. I don't think i could eat and then maintain foodpacks alone. Not with having had so much weight to lose.

Hope that's useful if not a bit depressing !
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My advice would be don't do it ... as the others have said it's your choice but I reckon that it does weaken your resolve esp if you manage not to be "caught" .. then it's a bit more the next time and before you know .. you're back where you started and then some!!

Your resolve is strongest at this stage ... but it's all up to you!! Let us know what you decide



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It certainly would be best to stick to the ssing.
But if you really feel the need to eat, make it a piece of chicken breast or white fish, with a small salad, with a glass of water.
You must realise though if you do eat you may struggle to get back to ssing. So its your call really....!


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Hi guys!
Thanks so much for your responses, well after mush deliberation i've decided not to eat next weekend. I know you're all right, i just have to be strong becasue it will be worth it in the end.

I have a big night out planned on the 5th May. We're going to see The Producers with Peter Kay then off to a VERY swanky restaurant in Manchester. I WILL be eating then. I have waited about 4 years to finally go to this restaurant so I aint gonna miss out. But my theory is by 5th May I should have made a huge dint in my weight loss and one meal wont kill me! I can wait until then....

Thanks again.... weigh in tomorrow... fingers crossed!!


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