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A few questions.....:-)

Hi I am thinking of doing this diet. I hadn't heard of it but saw reference to it on the exante forum when I was researching that. I am more tempted by this due to the variety of bars and packs. I would do 4 a day.

I have some questions and hope that someone will be kind enough to answer :)

1. Are you allowed granulated sweetener and/or sweetener tablets on this plan?
2. When you order the products do you get an advice leaflet or anything about the plan 'rules' from the company? E.g. they mention allowed veg on the website but I cant actually see those listed.
3. Are the products similar to other VLCD's as I've tried lighter life and Cambridge in the past.
4. Are the rules pretty much the same as other VCLD's re water, ketosis etc?

Thanks for any info as really not heard so much about this diet

Thanks :)
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Feeling great in 2012!
Hi, yes the diet is very similar to LL and CD and the ketosis rules are pretty much the same. The notes re the diet / allowed veggies etc. is here:


You can have sweetener but you'd need to check the carbs to ensure they're the right type. I don't use sweetener so don't know what ones are acceptable.

The spag bol is a lifesaver for me on this diet and I like most of the bars. I did LT in the past and no way could I go back to a diet with just shakes / soup like LT offered.
That's great thank you! How do I know what to look for in the label on the sweetener?


Feeling great in 2012!
Not 100% sure on the sweeteners but I think the zero calorie, zero carb ones should be ok. Not sure about the granulated ones as they seem to contain calories and carbs so might be better not to have those. What would you use the granulated one for? The shakes are pretty sweet already.
The porridge tastes sweet enough for me without adding any sweetener to it ~I have have been using splenda in my coffee which I think is ok as u can use in lowcarb/atkins diets ! hope this helps !

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