A few questions


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Can i do step to for over 4 weeks? (Just was reading something about 4 weeks on Sole source)

And i was going to ask something about bmi but i've totally forgot now, lol
On CD you need to AAM - add a meal on week 5 - unless like LL you get Doctors consent. I liked AAM week in that it gave me some food to chew! and even raised my metabolism so I lost more the week after.
Is the add a meal where you have a portion of one of those foods listed in the book everyday?

Actually i'm pretty confused:rolleyes:
AAM is where you have a small meal (2/3 ozs protein, some green and white veg) each evening on top of your packs. It happens every 5th week on CD unless you get your Dr's permission to SS all the way through.
If you are doing 790, you can stay on it til you get to the weight you want to be (or roughly within a stone). Then you slowly go up each step.