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a few questions?!!

hi everyone-i am seriously considering trying the lighterlife programme but i have a few queries and was wondering if anyone could help or if anyone was in a similar situation. im 28,5'3 and weigh 12 stone 9. obviously i need to lose weight,but i have 2 kids to feed as well and am concerned that the £66 combined with the kids food is going to be sky high. anyone got any words of wisdom.please.:)
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I am in the same boat as you and yes it is expensive but so is weightwatchers etc if you are a member for about 5 years which is what I have been ! I am using up all of the food in my freezer / cupboards - making lots of interesting healthy dishes from nothing like eggs and veggies. I buy my fruit and veg from the market and do one internet shop a month. Also I plan menus.

I have been doing this 5 weeks and I can honestly tell you it is worth every penny !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very skint though !!!
I have one daughter and a hubby but i have honestly found i am buying alot, and i mean alot, less food into the house because i convinced myself that i was buying it for them!! I am actually saving money because if you honestly add up what you spend daily on snacks, wine, take aways etc it most of the time adds up to more than the £9 or so a day on LL.

It is def worth it and just think in three months you will be under ten stone, hows that for motivation.

Hiya Cat

Yes 66 pounds a week is a lot but remember that you aren't eating any "conventional" food and this is only short term while you get to the new slimmer you.

Also you might want to look at other similar diets such as Lipotrim and Cambridge which from a weight loss point of view are very similar.

Hi Mike,

Loving your new Meez. The body popping one freaked me out a little ;)

Doesn't time fly, can't believe it's a year since you got to goal! How does it feel? Also how has your experience of life and society as a slim bloke differed to that of a big bloke?

TIA :)


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Lipotrim is £30 a week and much more affordable but the down side is there are only 4 flavours of drink....cd has loads of flavours and costs around the same as lipotrim, I was gonna do LL but the cost put me off.

Anyway good luck with what you choose to do.


I STILL mean it!
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I did the Lighter Life Foundation Programme, and then changed to Cambridge. All I can say is that I have never regretted my decision, and wish I had made it sooner.
CD is Cambridge Diet

Cambridge Diet home page

It is known as a VLCD (very low calories diet) as is Lighterlife and Lipotrim and they are promise the same sort of weight loss (quick and painless).

If you want more info call 0800 161412 and ask for your local counsellor and give them a ring for a chat, also speak to your local LL counsellor and see which you click with best.

Whichever you choose I would recommend you do it! I did both LL and CD and they are life changing super dooper pooper scooper diets and I love em.

Cambridge Diet. I find Lighter Life suits me cos i have two hours a week where i get total support from my counsellor and my friends in the group. Whatever suits you hon, i think CD is about £35/week.

Good luck whatever you choose but keep logging on for support.

Hi Catily

I was in the same boat as you. I found that reading through lots of the threads on minimins that cd and ll dont differ much in weight loss. With ll you get the weekly group sessions, so if you feel they'd help it might be the way to go for you.
I thought I'd feel guilty about spending £66 per week and so have opted for the cd which is half the price. I do think the group sessions would have spurred me on a bit though. But saying that minimins has spurred me on, and you can log on to this any time you like, you don't have to wait a week!
I have 3 1/2 stone to lose and am starting cd tomorrow!

Good luck with your weight loss which ever diet you decide on.

Good luck Tracey, watch this space, three months we will not beable to see you.

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Hi there,
I'm currently on LL but will be switching to the Cambridge Diet from next week. I didn't like the group meetings and just couldn't afford £264 a month, especially when I felt that I wasn't getting good value for money. CD costs less than half of what LL does!
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Depends on the counsellor Cat, I run 1-2-1 sessions but some counsellors run groups. If you call and get your local counsellors and call them then they can explain what they offer and also you get a chance to see which one you get on the best with as their support is key to losing weight (and keeping it off!)

Again different for each counsellor, I run them out of my spare bedroom (converted into an office!) but some counsellors have premises or rent like halls etc. The majority are home based I would say.

Hi guys!!

Well after listening to all you go on about CD i have booked an appointment for next week!! So watch this space. £33 a week and the CDC sounds lovely.


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