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A firm reminder to myself!!

I wanted to put something on record for myself for when I return from holiday in the New Year. When I first started this journey I used to sit on a bench outside my office having my ciggie breaks and look longingly in the window of a shop called White Stuff. I loved their clothes but they didn't do my size and I promised myself that I would lose the weight and one day would buy something. Well on Friday I did just that, it's far from perfect but it is a promise I have fulfilled to myself.

I am concerned that now I am in a happier place that I will find it difficult to try and be disciplined and get back on the plans to shift the last bit to goal. So I am posting a picture and a statement for myself.....

"Take a long hard look at this picture, remember who you were when you started, remember how you felt, remember how good it felt to fulfill that promise BUT also remember that part of that promise was not to stop until you got to goal. You are undoubtedly much happier but the sense of achievement you will feel by making good on that goal promise will be a level of happiness you have only dreamt of. When you look at yourself focus on what you accomplished, is it sooo hard to get to that finish line? So step away from the wrong path and choose the right one!"

Apologies for rattling on but I really feel I might need something to focus me after a two week holiday!!

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Back to the grindstone!!
What a fabulous thing to do!!! I love it. How positive is that note! You will do it with the right frame of mind and you certainly sound like you have that.
Enjoy your break and I am sure you will get to that goal.
And congratulations of the item from White stuff, must have felt great to buy something from there having looked at it for so long!
Good luck
Grest picutres. I was admiring them on another thread a few days ago. I olve the "Wonder Woman" stance you have in the 'after picture' (you in jeans).

What an incentive!

Good luck ..!
Oh you look great, I love the dress it's so pretty and the difference in you is incredible.

Go girl, get that GOAL ten pounds, pah you've lost over fifty!!!!! easy peasy, I'll give you till the end of Jan ...........xx
Looking good porgeous! You must feel amazing today :)
Hi, i am hoping to restart tmrw and i just wanted to say that i find your picture very motivating and encouraging to get back on track with CD. You look amazing and have done a fab job. You're face and body language show great confidence and happiness and i hope i can have that again soon. Stay strong and you will reach that goal weight.

Take care xx
Thanks everyone, I'm hoping that should I need a quick kick up the behind when I get back that this might do the trick. Failing that I will be asking all of you to do it for me!

You look fantastic!!!
What a great idea to write yourself a memo like that. It's so easy to lose track when you're distracted for a bit.

Have a great holiday and all the best for those last pounds when you return!! :)

Go you!!!!



Fed up of being fat
You look fab Georgie, you have done so well and what a great post. When you get back from your hols it should definitely do the trick if you waver at all and of course you have everyone here to help you along.
I think the believe in your self is very strong and what a great idea to write the things down that ar so easy forgotten when you're (almost) at goal.

Great picture!



What a fantastic idea! You look amazing hun! Have you lost it all on Cambridge?
Thanks again everyone, your support along the way has made all the difference to my success and hopefully will continue to do so.

Akersv, yes did it all with Cambridge, prior to that I had kind of given up trying to lose weight and was working on being fat and happy (even applied to How to Look Good Naked!). Ultimately after a complete emotional collapse I faced the reality that I was not someone where fat and happy go together!!

Hugs to everyone!



You are an inspiration Porgeous! You look amazing - enjoy shopping for all those clothes you promised yourself! Vxx

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