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  1. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    What happened?
    Came home from grocery shopping.
    Unpacked shopping in kitchen, fridge stuff piled up ready to go in!
    Saw healthy eating ham had bought, and Dutch cheese slices.
    Ate them.

    What were my hot thoughts?
    1)The ham is ok, it wont take me of ketosis and anyway, no-one can see me do this.
    2)I am sick of this bloody diet.
    3)I never see a diet right through anyway.
    4)I am so hungry, what would it hurt?
    5)I have eaten the ham now so I guess the cheese wont make any difference?
    6)Well, completely messed up today now so I fancy those biscuits, and again I can do this in secret.
    7)And finally, I have made these pizzas in an attempt to make some healthy food for the family. I have eaten already today so I dont care if I eat again.
    8)I feel miserable that I left myself down, again, earlier today.
    9)Does anyone really care if I eat or not?
    They just want to be able to control me, it seems.

    Evidence against hot thought/more realistic thoughts
    1) I dont know if it will or not, but I do know it is not allowed to break abstinence on the LL programme.
    2)Yes, you are probably bored right now, but you were in much less happy place a few months ago. This diet did this for you.
    3)Not in the past, but does this mean not ever?
    4)See 1 above. It would hurt as it is not allowed.
    5)Yes, you did eat the ham but is it really worth compounding your mistake and making it bigger?
    6)see above
    7)You made those pizzas for the family and not for you, at this point in time. Great attempt at making healthy meals, which you might be able to eat in a few short months, but NOT NOW.
    8)(not sure on this one??)
    9)My family are really really proud of me and have supported me all the way so far. They love me and want the best for me after seeing me suffer with the fat for so many years.

    How I feel now
    Less guilty. More positive. Ready to carry on.

    How I might behave now
    If I come in and feel the need to eat I will, if appropriate have a foodpack before I do any thing else.
    I will try to focus on my short term goals and ambition, as well as looking at the bigger picture.
    I will drink water and see if it helps. Sparkling with flavours is always good.

    I am not sure if this is how these should be written, but I have tried to follow the advice given by Mrs L in her TR post. I have never publicised my thought records before and would value feedback/comments etc.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this rather verbose post, too!
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  3. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Hi Sarah

    Wow what a great thought record!!!!! You really seem to have pulled yourself from the brink too - so it's obviously a good 'un!!

    I was never any good at making these but i really can see how they would help if you put as much effort into them as you have!!

    Good for you hun... Resist, resist resist!!
  4. Alan_99

    Alan_99 Full Member

    lighter life
    Well done Sez, it's not that easy writing these thoughts logs but it's a great way of making you pause for thought isn't it and making you step back.
    I hope you find yours as useful as I have found mine. Keep up the great work your doing fantastic.

  5. Helen

    Helen Full Member

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    Sounds great to me! Putting your thought record on here and owning up to what you have done today is very brave. I hope that you continue to feel "ready to carry on" and that tomorrow is a new start!
  6. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    Well done, Sez!! I hope you feel better for doing the thought record because you seem to have done from reading it. And as the others have said, you've put so much effort into it.

    I think a lot of people will read it and get a lot from what you've written; it's thought provoking and helpful! What is it about eating in secret (we all do it/have done it)? I think it's about not valuing ourselves enough. What do you think? What do other people think?

    I have still got to work on that bit (still treating my body like a dustbin on the programme - what's healthy about crisps?!!).

    And remember, the more you practise thought records, the easier they become and the more powerful they are (in helping you/us).

    Tiger Girl and I had a discussion on the Development thread about motivation and your thought record shows the difference really clearly.

    I applaud you for preparing food for others! That takes incredible resolve!

    Big hug.

    Mrs Lxxx
  7. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    Sez that's a brilliant thought record.
    The 'well I've broken abstinence so I may as well go for broke' comment really hit home. On the few days that I was off the wagon on the wobbly weeks, that's exactly what I did too. Oh the glory days before the 3 wobbly weeks!! I'm on a day by day basis I think for the next month, but I'm getting through it - just.
    Like Mrs L I've no idea how you prepare food for others - total admiration on that front!
    I'm off to do a thought record before bed (like the girly swot that I am). Think I don't write enough on the good days, and as I'm just coming to the end of a really good one I'm going to write about that :D
  8. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

    What a great idea! I never even considered writing up the good days, yet they are as important, if not more so, than the bd ones.

    Today I am aiming for an hour by hour abstinence. 10.30am and so far so good! I am about to have a coffee and a strawberry pack (which I just love hot, is that a bit odd??). Water consumption a bit low so a couple of glasses of that too wouldnt go amiss!

    Actually sunny today, but cant seem to get the kids motivated at all, 13 yr old son is mooching in his robe and daughter is upstairs in her room. I feel a gardening day coming on if they dont shift soon.....
  9. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    Brilliant ideas from TG and Sez.

    That's definitely what I need to do - find out what I did when I was going strong!

    Big kiss and feeling like a big copycat!

    Mrs L xxxxxxxxx
  10. Tiger Girl

    Tiger Girl Full Member

    Copy away Mrs L! :D

    The positive thought records are helping me just now. When I had my fall and subsequently started thinking 'why can I not feel invincible again?' I had nothing to refer back to to help me out. Now I have!

    Giving myself another gold star today. I'm not sure if I'll make it into the 12's at my WI this week, but I've definitely lost and my size 14 jeans are falling off me right now. I so need to get into the 12st range. It's a big thing for me.
    Sez - the hour by hour stuff has to be the way forward. Hope you made it down the home straight today!
  11. Sez

    Sez has started again!!


    Hi! Yes, I had a great day yesterday and not had any packs yet today, but just about to!

    I had a few more positive thoughts yesterday too: I am now lighter than my (permaslim) hubby!! Admittedly he is over 6ft tall, and I weigh a few pounds less at 5ft 4", but this is the first time for years & years! I weigh less than I did on our wedding day. I have under a stone to lose to be at the lightest at which he has ever known me! I can begin to look at a size 14 comfortably, although I do have clothes I still wear in a huge range of sizes, most odd! I actually have , for the "great day", a pair of size 12, stretch denim bootcut jeans. I have tried them on repeatedly since I bought them, in a wild moment. The zip initially was about 4 inches apart, and that was after I had waited to be able to actually pull them up to my btm. (They would even go up my thighs at first). This week, I DID THEM UP!!!!! I did have to lie flat on my bed, and when I stood up I had a huge floppy roll over the waistband, and I could not breathe but....... How great was that!!! If someone had told the 20 stone me, in February this year that by July this was going to happen, I would have laughed in utter disbelief!!!

    I did this and I am so proud of myself too. These are my positive thoughts for today, & I think the reason I stuck to it all day. I will really try to keep these at the forefront of my mind when the biscuit tin beckons!!!
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