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A Graceful Descent


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So I just finished my first month on Weight Watchers and decided its time to start a diary to help keep me on track and keep my head in the right space while on this journey.

4 weeks ago I walked into my first meeting almost shaking with fear at the idea of joining. Over the last god alone knows how many years I've tried every diet under the sun with very little success - on the old WW system years ago I actually gained weight despite sticking to it religiously.

Just over 2 years ago I bit the bullet and did the Cambridge Diet and lost 3 stone in 3 months but have really struggled since then. I've toyed with Cambridge on and off over the interim to keep the weight down but I've found it harder to stick to lately.

After I did the extreme version the first time round I finally got my doctors to listen to me when I kept telling them my weight was a symptom of a problem not the cause of the problems I was having with my health and that was why I did CD back then - I proved my point and the specialists carried out more tests and discovered that I had an autoimmune thyroid disease which was causing an underactive thyroid. So I wasn't just being a fat old cow eating my way through the entire kitchen cupboards every day and what I had been telling them was true - Ta dah! Problem solved right?


Over the last 2 years we've had real problems getting my levels even and I've been up and down like a yo-yo. The latest tests show that when I increased by 1/2 a tablet I went hyper (and gained weight - ironic huh?) but when I reduce it by 1/2 a tablet I feel and react hypo even though my blood tests are within range. Problem is each time it gets changed I gain 10lbs in weight and before I knew it I was back up to where I was before I started Cambridge and at the point of utter desperation again.

So I'm now coming down off a hyper episode and hoping that by sticking with WW I can keep it under control and not swing back to hypo again.

Anyway - back to the beginning. I tried to do CD again and just couldn't stick to it. In the back of my head I also have the knowledge that the first time I did it I ended up in hospital a few weeks after I finished with a suspected kidney stone and in more pain than I think I've ever been in in my life and I'm pretty certain that my brain is stopping me sticking to it out of fear of going back there. I kept reading on thyroid boards about how a lot of hypos were having a lot of success with the new pro points system when nothing else had worked at all.

Hence me biting the bullet and starting my first meeting. Shaking. Desperate. Terrified it wouldn't work again and that I would have no choice left but to do CD again.

My first week went well but I couldn't believe how much I was having to eat. I have always snacked on fruit and veg if I snack at all and I've spent the last 15 years being trained by nutritionists and dieticians to eat fewer and fewer carbs and that as my weight wasn't coming down I must be eating too much so my level of input was getting lower and lower. I've discovered that I can actually quite happily live on between 1,000 and 1,200 calories a day and not be hungry - unfortunately for some strange reason I do still gain weight at that level or at best stay the same. I worked out that on a typical day I would eat maybe 20 points and it was a struggle getting my head around increasing that to 34 and possibly using some of the 49 weekly extras on top.

I lost 1.5lbs the first week so was amazed.

Week two became a real mental battle - trying to persuade myself that it was ok to eat potatoes and pasta and stuff like that again wasn't easy. A friend of mine summed it up when she told me that after so many years fighting doctors to get a diagnosis and to get them to listen to me and eating less and less and constantly feeling guilty that basically I had to give myself permission to eat. That really hasn't been easy to do but I'm hopefully starting to get there. I managed to get myself up to my 34 points every day, we'll ignore the fact it was by adding in things like curly wurlies, and nearly fell over when the scales showed me as being down by 5lbs :eek:

So week 3 I decided that I needed to let go of the control over food. And boy did I! Unfortunately I was sick during the week so ended up eating a lot of rice and cream crackers and things like that as it was all my stomach would handle and I not only used my full daily allowance but I suddenly got a HUGE craving for cheese as well. I sat that weekend and just ate an entire block of it. No sandwich etc (bread is bad so can't do that!) - just the block of cheese on its own. I think I may even have used my entire week's extra points in one sitting :break_diet: I couldn't believe it when the scales showed I'd still managed to lose 1/2lb and I got my first super 7 after just 3 weeks.

So last week. Yeah - the less said about last week the better. Having spent so many years not eating and keeping my food levels to a minimum my body seems to have suddenly cottoned on to the fact that its ok to have food again. And I've been starving!!! I did have my nephew's birthday party at the weekend as well which didn't help - I was good in that I had chicken keebab rather than sausages and burgers but I didn't manage to resist the chocolate fudge birthday cake. By the end of the week my bonus points were all gone again and I'd only lost 1/2lb for the week.

But still its 1/2lb and its not a gain so that's good and when I did my measurements I'd actually lost 1/2 inch off my waist so it could be that I've lost size and its just not showing on the scales right now.

I am worried though that its about 3 weeks since I reduced my meds and my thyroid problems could be beginning to kick in again. I've seen my body do this so many times before where I do really well for a couple of weeks and then my thyroid kicks off and regains everything I just lost. Its like it torments me into believing that I can do it and then snatches away the prize at the last second.

But I do think that the last 2 weeks I relaxed too much and went with the fact I could eat whatever I want and my challenge for this week is to find a bit more balance in what I eat so I'm not using up my points by adding in 'bad' snacks. I still need to get my head sorted a little bit and start dealing with my totally screwed up relationship with food but I'm thinking if I stick with it and just keep true to the diet then little by little that will start to improve. And if I try and stay a little bit more rigid with the healthier foods this week and use fewer of my weekly bonus then I'm crossing my fingers that it will show on the scales next week.

Right - so that's my first post in my brand new diary and with any luck the others won't be quite so long!!!

Oh and why a Graceful Decent? Because a few weeks ago I was watching Rear Window and I decided I want to be Grace Kelly. No more than that - this time round I'm doing this for good and for the final time so I've decided that not only do I want to be Grace Kelly but I deserve to be Grace Kelly and no matter how long it takes I WILL be Grace Kelly damn it!!
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Hi Mifford . lovely to have you with us. You have had your ups and downs (forgive the pun) with this weight loss problem. Its great that propoints is working for you . I also have a thyroid problem,only diagnosed in March so I still have to go back for second blood test to see if medication is working. I have lost almost 10 pounds with PP since end of April so it def does work. I also have a big problem with sugar . Lets keep in touch and compare notes .!!!! . My diary is Bredas diary to good health. Keep us updated on how things are going for you . The girls (& guys) are great here to reply and it really does help to talk things out . Breda


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Hi Breda

Yep I used to come on here when I did Cambridge and its a fantastic site for support. I also find that just using this as a kind of diary/online therapy session helps me getting my head in the right place and reminds me why I'm doing this when I have those disillusioned moments or when it starts getting hard sticking to everything. Dieting always works better for me if I can get in the right headspace and this really helps with that.

Well done on your weight loss so far - if you've only recently been put on thyroid meds then that really is a huge achievement as it makes it very hard to lose. A lot of people with thyroid do seem to have a lot of success with this system though and all seem to say that the only difference is that they are eating more so I'm guessing we have all been starving ourselves for too long.

Right my dinner is bleeping at me that its ready so I'm going to have to run at that point but I'll pop back and update as I get a chance and will certainly go and check out your thread as soon as I can.


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so today has been a good day

I've really struggled the last 4 weeks to let myself eat "normal" food and to get my points in without adding in things like curly wurlies, or wagon wheels as it was last week. Today I hit bang on 33 points eating normally which was fantastic - with any luck it means I'm starting to find some balance which would be a big breakthrough :)

Today's intake has been ...

breakfast = bowl of frosties (was rushing around this morning getting the cat to the vets which took ages so I went with quick and easy!)

lunch = gammon steak sarnies using leftover gammon steak from last night's dinner and WW bread. I then had an apple and followed it all with a iced hot chocolate. Basically its making up WW instant hot chocolate with half hot water and half skimmed milk and a whole load of ice. I'm not keen on the hot chocolate but having it cooled with milk it was REALLY nice!

I had a couple of plums mid afternoon and picked at the odd cherry - I seem to have developed a new obsession with cherries lately and I think I'm going to have to get myself to the pick your own farm as soon as they release theirs to get some big punnets to see me through the week!

Dinner was half a tub of Apetina Feta Cheese (I usually use sainsbury's low fat version but couldn't get there this week so had to have the higher one but even 100g was only 7 points so not too bad) mixed with butternut squash and red onion roasted in a spoonful of olive oil on a bed of spinach and 50g of gluten free spaghetti. It was huge and I didn't manage to finish it so some of the butternut squash is now in the fridge to add into a salad tomorrow. All followed by a Weight Watchers rich chocolate desert pot at 2 points.

All adding up to exactly 33 points and a very happy camper :)

This evening I suddenly got a craving for some Haribo Goldbears as I know I have a couple of small packs in the cupboard. I was going to ignore it but then decided its only 3 points and it would be more sensible to let go of that control and just use 3 of my weekly allowance without worrying about it and I just finished a little bag with my cup of tea while settling down to watch The Apprentice.

Oh and I'm sat curled up on the sofa wearing the shorts that I couldn't get done up last time I tried 2 weeks ago :) Ok they are digging in a bit and I need longer tops that cover the belly but they do up and that's all that counts.

I'm also safe in the knowledge that I did about an hour and a half's weeding etc in the garden today which covers me for some bonus points (I don't count activity ones as I don't want the temptation of using them) and tomorrow morning the plan is to get up a bit earlier and hit the cross trainer for half an hour.

Motivation is high today - lets hope it stays that way :)
S: 15st4lb C: 14st7.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.91%)
Great day !!.well done you.:D:D I agree with you that having you head in the right place is so important . Keep up the good work and keep posting. Thrilled I have another thyroid buddy to ask questions of !!


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ask away - I can't promise I can answer but do feel free to ask lol

Funnily enough that was what I would call an overindulgent day as I had frosties, bread (although it was WW bread) and spaghetti all in one day. To me its difficult removing the panic associated with eating 3 lots of carbs in one 24 hour period - ridiculous I know because the amount I'm having is nothing but over 10 years of having the mantra in my head that carbs are evil is going to take a long time to undo.

My good intentions of starting my day on the cross trainer didn't happen in the end - I did set my alarm for earlier I just didn't do the actually getting up part of the deal. Doh! I need to do some banking this morning so instead I'm going to walk to the village and back to make up for it which is about 10-15 minutes each way.

What I did do this morning instead was decide that I was going to wear my newly fitting shorts today. Which meant I needed to de-fuzz my legs and as a "treat" I got my epilator out that I haven't used for ages. And halfway through trying to see through the tears streaming out of my eyes I remembered why I hadn't used it in ages!! Oh. My. God. Thankfully I shouldn't need to do it again for a few weeks and as long as I remember to keep exfoliating and moisturising to stop ingrowing hairs it should be less painful next time. I hope. The things we do for vanity!!!

That is the one downside of losing weight - I do find that as it comes off it takes me longer and longer to get ready in the mornings as I end up trying on more outfits and worrying about what I look like more than I do when I'm bigger. Its a good downside as in it means I don't mind looking in the mirror so much but it does mean I need to factor it in before I go anywhere :)

So I'm running mega late this morning, mainly because I had a work call at 8.30 which set me behind on everything else, but breakfast is now done. Banana oat smoothy - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The only thing that wasn't quite right is that I didn't measure the vanilla extract and put a little bit too much in which made it slightly sweeter than I would normally like but still seriously delicious.

Dinner is going to be pork stir fry. Except stupidly I bought a pack of Sainsbury's be good to yourself pre-chopped pork stir fry and didn't look at the pack size before I put it in the freezer. So I now can't split it to just use half and the entire 500g comes to 17 points - in one hit! :-o So that'll be pork and nothing but veg stir fry tonight then lol

Having counted it out I have 9 points left for lunch and the rest of the day so I don't think its a problem as I can just do a large ham salad at lunchtime which will leave me within that and fill up on fruit and sugar free jelly for anything else.

Although god alone knows how I'm going to eat that size of stir fry anyway - I have no idea what I was thinking not splitting it before I froze it. Must have been a Barbie moment is all I can say.

Oh well - work to be done along with that nice stroll down the road. Best go find my sunscreen and get covering up methinks.
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Hi Mifford . God you have packed a lot in to your morning. I got up at 12pm !!! . Very bold but not something I do that often. Daughter (special needs) in respite until tomorrow and son (15) finished school for hols quiet content to stay in bed too!!! . Poor hubby only one up today. I dont work outside the home .I am a home carer for daughter...

Its really hard to get in to the exercise . I am terrible . The girls here with all their shredding and walking would put you to shame. It has to start for me though. !! .

Can I just ask you if your levels of TSH were very high to start . Mine were only around 3 but she decided to start me on medication anyway as I had all the sympthoms of Hypo . I have felt much more energetic, less down, and periods have regulated so feel it is working . I am only on low dose 25/50 eltroxin alternate days. Will be interested to see levels when I go back on July 20th .

I think its great that looseing weight makes us take more care of ourselves. I tend to be a jeans an sweatshirt girl (throwback to 80's) and am not very girly so I am actually finding fitting better in my clothes fun. Looking forward to looking nice in dresses (not like a frount row prop) . :wave_cry:


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S: 16st0lb C: 14st4.5lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 1st9.5lb(10.49%)
I must admit how much exercise I get depends very much on what my thyroid is doing - some days I'm so exhausted there's no way I can even think about exercising and others I'm bouncing off the walls and need to exercise to use up the energy.

My TSH when I was first diagnosed was around 3.5 I think. That's why I had such a hard time getting the docs to agree that it was thyroid and in the end it was only because they sent me a copy of my results and I pointed out that my T3 was at the bottom end of the scale and I'd tested positive for auto immune and they'd missed both. The endo put me on a trial of liothyronine (T3) and the first test I had done my TSH had shot up to something like 6.3 and that made them finally sit up and take notice - we still don't know why it initially went up as it should have done the opposite though. Taking the T3 was like having a huge weight lifted off me though and initially I was like a totally different person - obviously as my body got used to it its effect wore off slightly but the first few months were the first time I've felt "normal" in ages.

Because I'm taking a combination of thyroxine and liothyronine its difficult getting me balanced though - I'm VERY reactive to the tablets and do need the T3 to make me feel better but on its own 1 1/2 tablets aren't enough but 2 are too many so we've had to try and find a combination that works for me. I'm currently taking 75mg of thyroxine (no specific brand as the chemist keep changing it which I don't think helps) and 10mg (1\2 tablet) of liothyronine. The last test on that level my TSH was 1.3 but I still felt awful. The endo has signed me back to my gp with instructions to keep me between 0.5 and 1.5 but I know I feel worse at the higher end of that range. I increased to effectively 87.5 of thyroxine and 10 of liothyronine by alternating 75mg one day and 100mg the next and that shot my TSH down to under 0.2 and I was showing all the signs of hyper (as much as I hate hypo I think hyper is actually worse as I feel like I'm in a permanent panic attack) so my GP has cut me back to 75/10 again about 4 weeks ago and that might be why my weight loss is struggling to get anything above 1/2lb a week at the moment. I'm getting really tired again as well and my joints are causing me problems. I have another blood test in about 3 months to see how I'm doing but I'm going to struggle to persuade my GP I need an increase if my levels are between 1.0 and 1.5 unfortunately.

I also appear to have another auto immune disease going on which may be affecting things as well - I have an ANA reading off the top of the chart which is likely to be a rheumatic type problem. I've tested negative for lupus and negative for RA though so no idea what it is right now. My GP doesn't want to refer me to rheumatology yet as she doesn't know if it will do any good so she's going to re-test everything in a couple of months again. I've not pushed it at the moment because my back is the biggest pain that I get and I know right now all that I will be told is that its my weight - even though I know that when I lose the weight it makes no difference. But while the excuse is there the NHS will take it because its what's happened for the last 15+ years. Hence the WW to remove the excuse. Plus if they put me on steroids I don't want to gain more right now until after I've lost enough.

I must admit I have no idea how you cope with a special needs kid and thyroid problems especially before being treated - you must have been shattered all the time. I think you certainly deserve the morning in bed!

Anyway - today has been another good one. I did indeed walk down the high street and back around lunchtime so that was good - exercise and fresh air combined is never a bad thing. Foodwise has gone as follows:-

Breakfast - banana oat smoothie

Lunch - Ham salad, curly wurly

Dinner - pork stir fry with reduced fat pork, pak choi, carrot, baby courgette and baby sweetcorn with chinese five spice to give it some flavour all followed by WW rich chocolate desert and a whole load of cherries

I need to use up some more points but I'm not that hungry and don't want to eat rubbish to get there so I'm going to make myself a normal hot chocolate later this evening to use up the balance. That leaves me as 32 points of my 33 today so I'm happy not using up the extra one seeing as I used 3 bonus ones yesterday.

Oh and I didn't manage all the pork - it was just too much. My mum suggested that I cook it all then freeze half of it so I have half the stir fry now cooling down in a tupperware dish waiting to go into my freezer.
S: 15st4lb C: 14st7.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.91%)
Hi Mifford, Ya I have had numerous blood tests over the years with my own GP but they never put me on medication because they said the levels were fine. I was having a big problem with chest pain after Xmas and they were making nothing of it so I took myself off to a private clinic here and got a full MOT. The doctor has been brilliant , put me on the eltroxin for the thyroid, and changed my anti-D medication as well . She said the chest pain could be fibromyalgia but since she changed the meds it has gone TG. I havnt been able to loose weight for 2 years but now I can ????????? . Sometimes I think you have take matters in to your own hands with doctors.


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yep - which is why if I haven't lost more than 1/2lb this week I'll be making a slight tweak to my meds again whether the doctors like it or not *grin* I'm beginning to feel symptoms come back again so I'm not actually as interested in their blood test results as I am in how I know I feel - there seems to be a very slim band between when I feel well and when I don't and I can feel the difference when I go either side of it.

Today I'm STARVING like Marvin!!! I don't know what's wrong with me but I'm seriously struggling not to eat the entire kitchen. Not the contents but actually the kitchen itself. Its not like I haven't had enough to eat either - today has been/will be ....

Breakfast - boiled egg, slice of toast (WW bread) and a big tin of broken grapefruit segments (no juice)

Lunch - 60g gluten free pasta with feta cheese and sliced red pepper, apple, pineapple fat free jelly

and Dinner will be sweetcorn and butterbean chowder leaving me with 3 points of my daily allowance available for a pudding of some kind - possibly a curly wurly but I'll see what I feel like by then. I'm going to be becoming a fruit eating monster this afternoon by the feel of it!!

I have decided that as its a warm day but the sun isn't out too strongly that I'm going to take the afternoon off work though - I have so many weeds in my garden its insane. I've cleared the front at the weekend and they are starting to come back so on my way home from a meeting this morning I stopped at the farm shop on the way past and got a bag of woodchip to put on the front to stop it. Lawns need mowing as well. I'm hoping that it'll prove to be a distraction from the desire to eat!!!


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S: 16st0lb C: 14st4.5lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 1st9.5lb(10.49%)
lawn mowed

weeds reduced

wood chip ... barely made a dent in the front border considering how much it cost!!! :-o

And dinner was much bigger than I thought it would be so could only eat 1/3rd of it rather than 1/2 leaving me with more points than I expected and the knowledge that I could have had more for lunch or mid afternoon without leaving myself hungery - doh. It was particularly yummy though and the other two pots going into the freezer are unlikely to stay there for too long.

I finished it off with some low fat natural probiotic yogurt topped with cinnamon and flaked almonds .. and a curly wurly!

Which puts today at 32 out of 33 again. Does it matter if I keep being 1 point under? I'm guessing it won't do any harm but who knows.

Tomorrow I'm planning on getting a bit more of the garden done and then I've discovered that my local pick your own fruit farm are now allowing cherries to be picked so I'm going to see if they are open Sunday morning and go get myself some cheap fruit that will help me snack away to my hearts content when I'm feeling hungry - wahooooo.
S: 15st4lb C: 14st7.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st10.5lb(4.91%)
Hi Miff. Well done on all the gardening !! great exercise too. I spent my day entertaining my visitor but it was nice to have the company. He struggles with weight too so we had a good old moan!!!!!!!

I totally agree that doctors dont know everything. There must be a dosage that will suit you . I read on other sites that most people feel better around 1.0 . I spent about two years trying to loose weight and couldnt and I really did try. Now it seems to be moving TG.


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S: 16st0lb C: 14st4.5lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 1st9.5lb(10.49%)
yesterday = mahussive appetite and starving
today = no appetite whatsoever and struggling to make myself eat


Having said that I didn't get up until 12.30pm today - most unlike me. I was up at 8am and let the cat out, took my tablets, went back to bed to watch some tv for half an hour ... and woke up at lunchtime. I'm absolutely shattered for the day as well so all my plans to go fruit picking and get more done in the garden or go walking etc etc have gone out the window. I'm really struggling to get myself motivated to make lunch as well. I have tuna out for dinner so I really do need to eat something as that's low enough in points and I've missed breakfast so I'm going to be way under my points if I'm not careful.

Oh well - I'm going to try making myself some scrambled egg on toast and hope it gives me enough energy to at least go and get some woodchip to put on the garden and cover all the bits I've already weeded so the time wasn't wasted. I don't hold out much hope though lol

Oh and I think I may be making a slight tweak to my meds this next week as I am pretty certain i now know why I'm only losing 1/2lb a week and so shattered all of a sudden.


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S: 16st0lb C: 14st4.5lb G: 13st0lb Loss: 1st9.5lb(10.49%)
wood chip didn't happen but I did finish off the weeding in the back garden and sweep my patio and move things around out there so I could plant some seeds for lettuce, pak choi and carrots. I'm hoping that having moved the pots the slugs won't get to them so easily and that this year they might let me try some of the stuff I planted because they obviously felt it was really tasty on my first attempt last year!

It all sounds very impressive but I probably only did about an hour today but its better than nothing.

I've managed to use up my points today but I'm really not feeling food for some reason. I didn't manage to finish the whole of my dinner and just the idea of eating anything is making me feel sick at the moment - unless its really sweet stuff which is all very strange. I'm not sure if my body is reacting against me having had to increase my intake by quite a bit or what it is but hopefully it'll stop and settle down soon.

so today has been ...

Breakfast - sleep!

Lunch - 2 eggs scrambled, 2 slices of WW bread toasted, banana

Snack - curly wurly, walkers salt & vinegar squares crisps

Dinner - huge vegetable stir fry using olive oil with 200g diced tuna steak and 60g couscous, pineapple fat free jelly, curly wurly

Milk in tea etc

All comes to exactly 33 points so I'm bang on today. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be feeling less nauseous and wanting the healthier food more. Some more energy would be good as well - I still need to get that darned woodchip on the garden for crying out loud! lol


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today I wake up having had an awful night's sleep absolutely bursting with energy and motivated to do loads - I wish I could work out my system sometimes I really do! lol

So I've spent a fortune at the garden centre and now have some woodchip down - the front border is covered but the bag and a half on the back has barely touched it but hopefully it'll at least keep the moisture on it if nothing else. I'm just waiting for the sun to die down a little bit so I can go and plant a few pots and then start oiling the decking.

I bumped into my goddaughter's boyfriend and his parents at the garden centre too and picked up a tip from his dad to put vaseline round the top of the veggie pots to stop the slugs and snails. Totally uninteresting piece of information there for everyone else but I don't have any at the moment and if I put that here it'll remind me tomorrow to go and get some! :)

Having to work round the weather is frustrating though. I have developed solar urticaria this year and even with sunscreen I'm reacting within about 15 minutes of being outside on a day like today. Part of me is thinking I may just take some anti histamines to stop it itching and just get on with it but another part of me thinks its easier to wait until about 4pm when the sun has gone down a little bit. Then again I have the energy now and it might be better to get it done while I'm motivated.

Anyway. Today's food listing ...

Breakfast - peanut butter shake (found it listed as breakfast shake in Carole Vorderman's detox book and it was absolutely delicious!)

Lunch - 3 rice cakes, tin of boneless sardines in tomato sauce, walkers salt and vinegar squares (had one bag left that needed getting rid of) and an apple

Dinner - it will be chicken pasta salad.

I have about 5 points left to use up as well so might need to give some thought to what else I have. I'm currently trying to resist the curly wurly craving so I'm going to try and use them up by having something like peas and sweetcorn in the pasta salad instead. I have some natural yogurt that needs using as well or I might do an iced hot chocolate because that was really tasty last week.

Whatever I do I need to stay motivated today, tomorrow and Tuesday and focus - if my scales are correct this morning I've lost this week and I don't want to lose sight of that and regain any of it by weigh in time Tuesday. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I get down into the 14s this week - it'll mean losing over 2lbs so I'm not sure if I'll quite make it this time but I want to at least get closer to it so that it happens next week instead.
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Hi Mifford. I can sympathise with your energy levels going up and down. Yesterday I did loads of housework ,spring cleaning my kitchen presses (so full of rubbish i dont use!!) and today I have just done the bare minimum . Now it is a beautiful day here so I am just going to enjoy it. :D

Your food sounds perfect. I think our hormones have a lot to do with craving the sugary stuff too . Are you coming up to TOTM by any chance.

Just imagine standing on that scales on wednesday and the leader saying you are 14st something ... thats whats keeping me focussed this week .. I want 1.5 lbs to get to 5% goal . Keep it up you are doing so well... Talk soon ...Breda


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just got past totm so can't blame that one. I don't usually crave sugar as I'm more of a craving cheese or similar type. It wasn't a craving so much yesterday though - I could have happily not eating it it's just that I didn't want to eat anything else either.

Today I'm much more back to normal - although after 2 hours in the garden I'm shattered now! I got most of my decking oiled but ran out of the oil about 3/4 of the way through which was annoying. I also finished the last of the weeding, woodchipped everywhere (very smelly!), swept down all my steps and pathways, planted out some of my pots including putting in beetroot and spring onion to go with the lettuce, carrots and pak choi I already put in the pots. Then I had to put stuff down to keep the slugs off everything.

Once all that was done I then realised that I really couldn't get away without doing my housework for much longer so I then cleaned my kitchen and did the minimum downstairs by just running the hoover around without worrying about the dusting until next weekend. I need to do upstairs still but I think I'll leave it until mid-week now.

So I'm absolutely filthy and have dirt and dust all over me and I'm in desperate need of a shower but now I've sat down I'm too shattered to get up and go upstairs to get one - no wonder the cat won't come anywhere near me lol

Dinner ended up as stir fried chicken with a big carrot and a couple of baby courgettes, pasta and all mixed with a couple of spoonfuls of light philadelphia. I then had a pack of 2 weight watchers chocolate chip cookies. I need to have some fruit as I think I'm probably slightly under my 5 fruit and veg today but not sure.

Oh and I did have a sneaky curly wurly mid-afternoon but its the last one in the cupboard so now they are all gone I don't have them calling to me any more.

So that puts me at 32 out of 33 points today. 1 under again but I'm not going to stress about it - I seem to be destined to be 1 under all the time! :)

Oh and I was talking to my neighbour this afternoon who asked me what my next plan was for the garden next weekend - my answer was that at some point my plan is to actually sit and relax in it!!!! lol
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Hi Mifford, well done on the gardening again . I just got tired reading about it !! ..It will be nice when you can go and sit out and enjoy it though.

Food sounds great. I did the same thing with curley wurleys a few weeks back . I bought the multipack (for the week) and ate 3 the first night. I should have known Im like that with chocolate . eat one want MORE . Ate a whole Galia melon tonight !!!!!!!!!!


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I've been surprisingly controlled on the curly wurlys - I've only had them if I've needed to make points up. Most unlike me as I don't buy stuff like that because if I have it in the house I eat it all in one go but this time I've not needed to.

Today has been fun. I've had a twitch in one of my eyes for a couple of weeks and last weekend the other eyelid swelled up with some kind of bite or stye. Last night the left one was driving me nuts and I rubbed it because it was irritating me and it set off some kind of spasm and my eye closed for about 10 seconds and wouldn't open. I'm not sure if my eyelashes got stuck entwined or a muscle/nerve spasmed or what the heck happened but it was really freaky.

I decided to see how it was this morning and when I woke up it still felt really odd - the only way I could describe it to the nurse down at the doctors was that I feel a bit like I've been punched in the face on that side or as if I've got air being blown into my eye and I just want to close it to make it stop.

Anyway to cut a long story short the nurse can't see anything obvious but she did give me antibiotic eye drops to be on the safe side so I've spent most of today unable to use the computer because its twitching like crazy in reaction. Hopefully by tomorrow it will have calmed down.

I did walk to the doctors and back though which was good - not a large amount of exercise but a bit more than I usually do so its a start. While I was down there I picked up a book of local circular walks centred around tea rooms from the bookshop. I have a friend that goes for a walk every sunday and she's getting a bit bored so I decided that if I join her we can branch out a bit further and try some different places. If they are intended to take in tea rooms on the way firstly I can get a cuppa and relax so it won't feel like exercise and secondly tea rooms doesn't sound much like the kind of walk that will be drudging up steep hills through brambles and mud etc etc so my kind of walking lol

So here goes with today's diet diary ...

breakfast = frosties, half pint skimmed milk

snack = Wall's calippo ice lolly

lunch = salad leaves with a hard boiled egg, half a tin of green giant salad sweetcorn and walnuts all with balsamic vinegar dressing (it was yummy! wish I'd used 2 eggs though as need to up points today). 2 slices weight watchers bread with low fat spread and 2 plums.

snack = fat free pineapple jelly

dinner = butternut squash risotto with frozen peas and knorr stock pot topped with low fat grated cheddar cheese

That leaves me with about 3 points for dessert. No idea what I'm going to use them on but I'm thinking maybe a fruit smoothie might be good.

I have found it interesting that when I cut my carbs back which my body seems to prefer I really do have to concentrate on what I'm doing to use up enough points. I honestly didn't think when I started WW that my biggest problem would be trying to work out how to eat more!!! :)


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today is not a good day. I got woken up at 3.30am by the cat and when I rolled over to see what she was doing I realised she was weeing all over my bed again. So I had to get up and strip all my bedding to get it in the washing machine as quickly as possible because it smells so bad and then couldn't get back to sleep so I'm knackered.

Then I've been really happy all week as my scales since Friday have been down by 2lbs. 4 days running they were down by 2lbs. Today - being weigh in day this evening - they were back up by 1.5lbs!!!! Which would put me as being only 1/2lb down again this week if it doesn't change by this evening.

The only thing I can think of that might be different is that I had more carbs yesterday - frosties for breakfast, 2 slices of bread at lunch and 70g of risotto rice for dinner which is more than I've been allowing the rest of the week. So if it hasn't cleared by this evening then I think next week will be keeping it REALLY low carb to see what happens - god alone knows how I'm going to get my points up though as low carb leaves me down on about 24 points a day and struggling to use the other 9.

Frustrating doesn't quite cover it - aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!