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a lil dissapointed really


adores posting
dont feel down hearted i lost 1.5lbs in my first wk my consultant said i could be the food i'd eaten the few days before i started but just remeber a loss is a loss and nearer to your goal well done

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
Aww don't feel too disheartened by that. A loss is a loss! You're going in the right direction! I lost 2lb on my first week, so not much more than you at all. And 5 months later I have lost just over 2 and a half stone, so keep at it, it does work!! xx

Good luck


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Well done, every loss counts no matter how small. Keep at it, you will be rewarded for your efforts

Keep going!
I lost more in my second week than in my first! I also lost my biggest ever amount last week, sending me to target and beyond!
Sometimes there seems to be little logic to it, but if you stick 100% to the plan, make the most of superfree etc, then it will come off - honest!!!

Just a thought - did you use your syns every day or did you flexi syn? I just know that whenever I flexi-synned, I had a smaller loss the week after.
i havent been having enough syns really as dont feel the need for them!
altho made up for it at the weekend!
i havent been having enough syns really as dont feel the need for them!
altho made up for it at the weekend!
That may well be the answer!!!
I reached target last week - we went to the pub to celebrate on Friday and I had 3 pints of lager :wave_cry: (yes..I did have a hangover!! It was a 'one off'!!!) - I had a sneaky peek at the scales on Monday and was 2lbs heavier....aarrgghh....
Now having to make up for it and hope that I can manage it before Thursday as I'd really like to maintain and not gain!!

Just be careful with the flexi-syns - it just doesn't work for some!!! Perhaps only use it for special occaisions.
Try and use some syns during the week, even if it is only a couple of day.

Next week will be fine! xx
sorry to sound dumb but only just starting out!
wats flexi syns?
sorry to sound dumb but only just starting out!
wats flexi syns?
Good question!!
Its where you don't use your syns every day, but 'make' up for it either at weekends or special events. It is a flexible tool.
So, for me, I had 48 syns in one night (never again) and then had to cut right back to 0 syns per day for the rest of the week (I am not a good example at the moment!!!).
Does this help? x
That isn't flexisynning...thats using your syns on a weekly basis ;)..

Flexi synning is:

Normally used for special occassions.

You set your self a maximum amount of syns for yourself for one day, whether it be 20,30,40 etc. Then you still count everything you eat and stick to a plan red/green/EE. When you get to the maximum you have set, you stop eating any more syns and have to survive on free foods and any healthy extra you have remaining.

It can't guarantee a loss but helps remain some of the control we sometimes lose.

Some SW consultants now advocate using syns on a weekly basis rather then daily, as G2Bfabat40 has explained, which sometimes cuts out the need for actual flexi syns xx
Allie is spot on - sorry, I used the wrong terminology :-D


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1.3lb loss is going in the right direction IM - stick with it and I am sure you will see more lbs dropping off.

I am going to flexi syn this weekend. I have a wedding to go to so I am going to set myself an allowance of syns to stick to. I will eat free food only before I go and once I have reached my syn allowance I will then only eat free food afterwards for the rest of this day only. Might not see a loss next week but hopefully it will minimise any damage doing it this way. After all we have to live a little too! :party0011:

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