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  1. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Firstly I have to say, its so good to find a site where others are dealing with the same difficulty's and battling the evil food habit.

    I have been large since I was early teens and struggled for years on end at attempts to diet, I think I have tried every diet going (Including the cabbage diet...vile)

    My worst point in weight was around 5 years ago, I hit my biggest weight of over 24 stone, I didnt even know it till I had a nasty break up then moved back to the parents and through being slightly depressed I dropped some weight. Since then I have maintained around the 20 stone bracket, and found it hell to shake any off.

    Heading towards my 30's and still being so sucked in by temptation I knew something had to change. I will walk down the street and feel eyes all over me, as if I am some kind of monster, sadly I do let it get to me and my Boyfriend constantly tells me not to but I often feel like I was placed here for abuse from strangers who have no idea ... do they even know my name...NO... Do they know that I infact was 4 stones heavier a few years ago...NO.... so go take those eyes elsewhere:p

    So around a month ago, I went to the doctors and asked for advice, they recommended Xenical, I was informed or side effects and as soon as I got home I researched it to the point I then feared taking the pill as didnt want any 'accidents'

    I relocated around 3 weeks ago and thought, this was my chance to change all old habbits. Since then I have cut out numerous bad foods, Diet Coke, added far more fruit and veg into my diet and lots of water.

    1 1/2 weeks ago, I took the plunge and started xenical... to my suprise, I have had no scary moments although bowel movements have changed and Im feeling very sorry for my boyfriend.

    Gladly booked in with my new doctors on Wednesday to see I had lost 13lbs in the last 3-4 weeks, partly through my own help and also Xenical.

    I shall continue my story as things change, but have to say, feeling pretty motivated, lets hope the weight comes off more :)

    Any advice/tips would be great :)
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  3. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Bumping up :) Sorry Nee, for some reason it went in the moderation queue :confused:
  4. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Thanks :)
  5. billygroat

    billygroat Full Member

    Great loss, well done and welcome to Mini's

    Julie x
  6. lins74

    lins74 Full Member

    Welcome, and good luck.

    Great loss so far. Good on you!!

    XX ;)
  7. pixiepiratess

    pixiepiratess Going From Flab to FAB!

    Welcome Welcome :) .... Youve had a brill loss so far :)
  8. iona.1985

    iona.1985 Full Member

    hey and well done on your loss so far!
  9. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

    Welcome to Minis and the Xenical forum and well done on your weight loss so far!!!
  10. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Have to admit today has been tough, I slipped up this morning and had a macdonalds muffin... how much fat in that I darednt even think off... But knowing I had made the error I still took the Xenical pill, Felt really ill after for about an hour and a half!

    Continued the day as normal, had a healthy lunch and dinner, and made sure I took the pill after each.

    At the moment having some strange crampoing feelings... lets hope it passes soon!

    One thing I have learnt today is, I will not be going Maccy D's ever again :p
  11. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

    Meh. It happens to the best of us Nee.
    I was tempted by a cookie from subway and subsequently suffered the consequences today :(
  12. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Did you get painfull cramps? just interested to see what other people experience. I felt sick and had really bad cramps and a stitch like feeling, certainly made me realise that 1, the pill was working, and 2, never to go mcdonalds ;)
  13. Silence

    Silence Bouncing back

    I think it's different for different people.
    Personally, I get cramps in my bowels and then the dreaded orange oil.
    I know my Dad, who is also on Xenical normally suffers from stomach ache when he eats too much fat.
  14. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Thanks for that, The fear of what will happen is so worrying, but will continue to post my experiences, downfalls and upsides :)
  15. wildmonkeylass

    wildmonkeylass Full Member

    Hi Nee - It's always interesting to read people's stories, especially when they have a narrative so close to my own. Good to meet you, well done so far, and enjoy the journey x
  16. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Good to know others have similar feelings of mine, Im sure there are many tough things we all have to come accross but for me this has been a constant upset, so Im going to mke a difference for once and shift this weight YAY
  17. shazboo

    shazboo 'this time i'll do it!'

    hi nee, well done on your weight loss so far and hope you enjoy being on this forum, the support is great,
    we all have bad days, i was craving pizza last night and the kids sent off for burgers and chips, well i caved and had 4 chicken wings!! but then i got the stomach cramps and the bloated feeling, so payback for me today!!
    take heart and post on here often
  18. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Last 2 days ....

    Going ok, Very oily now tho, blaming the big mistake the other day :(

    I think the eating of the mcd's started the temptation again, but doing ok... Need to learn that its not going to help me, Im a sucker for temptation and normally once I cave in, I tend to stay on the bad road, but not this time!!!

    regardless, I shall keep going.. getting weighed next Wednesday so I am praying for a good loss, setting my hopes on 7lbs! Lets hope its not less arrghhh
  19. pixiepiratess

    pixiepiratess Going From Flab to FAB!

    Hi Nee :) ive just noticed you live not far from me :) ....

    Im a sucker for temptation to and i had a chinese last night and boy do i feel so so guilty now! ... stomach doesnt feel like my own and i feel so bloated and windy! ...
    we live and learn dont we! .. altho like you once i start on the bad road i usually walk a while! hehe ....

    Good luck for the weigh in coming up xx
  20. Welcome & Good Luck x
  21. x Nee x

    x Nee x Gold Member

    Feeling really unhappy....

    My weigh in isnt until Wednesday, but my Boyfriend had an appointment so I went with him and thought Ill jump on the scales at the doctors and see how the weight is going!!

    Sadly it showed I had gained, the receptionist said 'there not the greatest scales' but surely if there faulty they wouldnt have them in there!

    4lbs heavier, apparently... feel really annoyed at myself! I admit to having a few treats - and not good ones over the last 2 weeks, but the outcome of having those treats whilst on Xenical hasnt been pretty, so not sure why I would have gained :(

    Sorry guys, rant over, just feel really disgusted in me

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