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A little help please :o)

Afternoon everyone :)

First post here so please be gentle :D I have recently had a baby (little tyke is now 8 weeks old) and I started SW a week and a half ago from home. Last week I lost 3lbs so was very chuffed but feel this week I may only lose 2lbs. I know it's still a loss but I was thinking that because I am fairly overweight (3-4stone to lose) then I would initially lose more and then taper off to the 1-2lb a week realms. Especially seeing as last week I did no exercise but this week I have been.
Anyhoo, because I don't go to a class I was wondering if you could have a look at my food diary and see if I'm doing everything right, or if you have any suggestions for me? I would be extremely grateful!!

Unless otherwise stated HEA is used with milk for cups of tea/coffee or is halved between milk and extra light laughing cow triangles.

Thurs 14/04

Breakfast: 2 eat smart sausages,1.5 rashers WW bacon, 1 onion and cherry tomatoes all made into a fritata. best breakfast EVER!! skinny latte (HEA) made by the lovely husband
Lunch: 2 alpen light bars(HEB), banana (oops)
Dinner: ham salad and a bowl of butternut soup
Snacks: 2 tiny animal biscuits, kit kat.
Excercise: An hour walk with hubby and Mr.Ben, 2 sections (40 mins) of Hannah Waterman DVD

Fri 15/04
breakfast: strawberries and grapes mixed with mandarin mullerlight with 28g honey nut shredded wheat (HEB) crumbled on top.
lunch: ploughmans salad (ham, watercress, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, pickled onions)
Dinner: Prawn stir fry with egg noodles. Natural yoghurt&strawberries
Snacks: 2 fingered kit kat, skinny mocha (HEA)

Sat 16/04
B: Choc orange muller light with grapes and apple stirred in
L: Tomato and basil soup (HEB)
D: 2 eggs fried in fry light, SW chips, mushy peas
Snacks: Alpen Light bar, apple, 3 McD's fries, small bite of hubbys McD's chicken mayo
HW DVD and a long walk.

Sun 17/04
B: vanilla mulerlight with grapes and a banana mixed in
L: Ham salad sarnie (HEB) and syn 1 slice w/grain bread, 1tbsp light coleslaw
D: homemade SW tikka masala&rice
Snacks: pineapple, satsuma, curly wurly, 2 small animal biscuits, 5 crisps (pinched from kids)

Mon 18/04
B: Vanilla mullerlight with grapes and banana mixed in
L: Tomato and basil soup (HEB)with 2 slices of ham chopped in
D: Last nights left over curry
Snacks: 2xsatsumas, (probably a kit kat or wurly)
Will do HW DVD later on

Fankoo :eek:
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mabye more super foods?? like baked beans, chicken, strawberries
they will help you lose weight quicker :)
Thanks! I'm not a huge chicken fan to be honest. I've had food poisoning twice from it and it's put me off. I have to be really in the mood for it (like last night with the curry lol). Strawberries I can buy more of. I normally buy 1 punnet a week but I can up that to 2-3. Last week I ate loads of beans so wanted to give my botty (and husband) a break this week :ashamed0005:. Will keep the superfoods in mind when I'm meal planning for next week!
just to add, for pud tonight I had a satsuma stirred into some natural yog with a cheapo hob nob (3.5syns) crumbled on top.

anyone else have any pearls of wisdom for me? :)

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