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A newbie, please be gentle!

Hi everyone, I'm a wet behind the ears newbie! I haven't even contacted a CDC yet but know that I want to do this diet. Need to find a Scottish CDC but there don't seem to be any listed who cover my area - do the counsellors travel much or will I have to travel to them? I've around 3 stones to lose to get to the weight my GP would like me to be, and need help! I've read up on the cambridge diet and am not 100% sure I want to do the total meals replacement one (is that referred to as SS?) How do people find it when you've got a small family? I'm a bit concerned about teaching them bad habits (they're 3 and 4) about cutting out food etc and thought it might be better to replace 2 out of 3 meals....what do people think? Happy to get any advice I can!
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Hi PMK!!

No advice on finding a CDC I'm afraid as I live the other end of the UK! However I do have a small family. My daughter is 6, and I do try and "hide" the fact that I am replacing meals, however as i used to spend all day stuffing my face with food and hiding in the kitchen to eat it in peace (few issues here methinks!!) I kind of think the fact that I am changing my lifestyle to one of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is a far better role model for her. I also have 2 year old twins which means lots of leftovers to throw away quickly before they go into my mouth! :rolleyes:

I think it is possible to ensure your children maintain a healthy view of food. If you did SS it would be for such a short time to reach your weight target, you'd probably find you managed the family situation ok.

Good luck!

K xx


Going to do this......
I am sure a CDC will come along shortly.

Prehaps you could start on a higher programe i.e 1200 cal or 1000 cal which lets you eat Real food aswell

Good luck, with which ever plan you choose:)


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Well done for making the decision and coming on here.

Well, i'm nowhere near as experienced as many of the others on this forum as I've only been doing it 5 weeks but I had the same amount of weight to lose as you and I have a small family. I just told my daughter that Mummy wanted to get fit and healthy (not the term "lose weight") and that I was going to take special medicine to help me get healthy. She seemed fine with that.

I have so far lost 21 Ibs with Sole Source, i've dropped from a size 16 to a size 12 and I feel great. Its hard work and i've not been an angel by any means but it's so worth doing.

Good luck with finding a counsellor - it's much tougher without one.

Good luck ! :)
hi i m restarting again after falling of the wagon i too have a small family 7 an 18 months the hardest thing fo me is evening so what i used to do is save a pack for just before i was preparing a meal for the family that way i didn t feel hungary whilst doing there s also if you sit down together with them whilst having your pack they won t think your not eating hope this helps a little


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Hi and welcome to the best diet ever, thats what i think anyway:D your children are young so having a soup or shake at the same time as they have their meals would not cause too much of a problem, the 790 plan is a good plan to start if you think ss is too difficult at first, we are all different and each of us find what is right for you, you will get help from your councillor to decide what is the best plan for you, in the meantime try and prepare by reducing your carb intake and increase your water intake in the time before you start you diet journey. Hope you find a coucillor close to home, my councillor very often calls to my home if its easier for her, or i can go to her, we work it out between us. So you dont need luck this diet works.:D Take care and i look forward to reading your update soon.


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Hey pmk!!! Welcome to Minimins!!! It's a nice place here!!!

Where the heck are you???! lol. There are a few of us in Scotland....I might be able to sort someone out for you.

I personally don't travel - cause I only have a few nights a week to spare and I see everyone in that time. A full time CDC might travel though.....suppose it depends really.

Hrm....your little ones are only very little.....they prob won't notice, plus you can have soups and things which are pretty normal things to be eating.

Think it would be wise to talk it through with your CDC when you find one then you'll know the ins and outs of it all.

No, not me! I'm in Lanark and the closest I can find on the website are in Hamilton and Motherwell (Sandra C and Moraig M according to the website). Have tried to email but they got bounced back (both to the counsellors and using the main link to customer services) but I'll just have to phone tomorrow I think. Thanks for all the advice though - it helps to know how others are managing!


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
Oh drat and bother....I don't know them personally. More of an eastie me.....hrm.....

I'd try their phones or call the freephone number, not all CDC's are up on the site.

0800 161412

I contacted CD last week re Sandra C and was told she isn't doing CDCing although she would like to recommence and they need to talk to her regarding it. Her email bounced back to me as well, she never returned my message on mobile, thats why I called cambridge.

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