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A no scales week!


Trying again!!!
Me! I'm addicted to the bloody things ~ been on them twice to-day already! I used to weigh myself on WI day and get my husband to hide them in the garage until the next week but that didn't last long! xx


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I would love to say that I would join you, but I dont think I would be able to actually not stand on them. Its become routine for me everyday now!!!


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I have my WI tomorrow, but after then I will join you, I'm always having a sneaky weigh in on my scales, but it fluctuates so much I'm not doing myself any favours ;) :D


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would love to join you Gemma, blooming hard though. i feel like my scales are strapped to my feet at times.


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Ohhhhh thats a brave challenge Gemma. I'm addicted to my early morning weigh in but only in my jammies and after my morning wee (sorry!!!) and if I've even had 1 little sip of tea or something else I dont go near them. I think I have mild OCD hehe !

Eeeeeeeeeeek good luck hon !


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I would like to but am very very worried about the withdrawal symptoms-I am shaking just thinking about it! My daily weigh in is the only way I will ever be able to lose weight!!! (yes, you are right, I have lost the plot totally!!). Maybe I will just try it a day at a time!


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you go for it !!!! I would also love to join you as I know i shouldn't weigh myself at least once a day but i don't think i could do it!! Let us know how you get on.


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ooooooo can i join in! My OH has just removed my scales for me using them too often lol *must not do body test on wii fit!!*


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I would love to say that I would join you, but I dont think I would be able to actually not stand on them. Its become routine for me everyday now!!!
OMG, I don't think I could forego my daily weigh-in either! Is that really bad?
I really want to try this. i did this at the start of last week.... it lasted a day and i got them back out again!

I think might put them in the garage!!!! Wont be tempted to go out in my pjs just to weigh myself!!!

count me in!!! It will prob do me good!!


Going to do this......
I will join you........................was weigh in today so will staf off until next mon morning (feel shaky just thinking about it.)lol
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This will be so hard, but I will give it a go. Its nice to know that I am not alone with my daily, post wee, pre coffee in pyjamas weigh in. LOL


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I've moved my scales to a high shelf in a cupboard that's got stuff in front of the doors, so it's a real faff to get it out.


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lol! just read through this thread made me giggle!! will try tomorrow not sure i will be able to do it! glad to know its not just me that is obsessed with what they say!!
day one!, after a 3 pound gain last night OH has put them in the garage.... It feels great and hopefully will motivate me to do my best as i cant monitor it till weigh in!!

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