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a non diet plan? can it be done?

Is anyone not dieting and just exercising?
I'm not great a the dieting thing but i have some new workout dvds, slim in 6 and kettleworx. I was hoping if I did these every other day 6 days a week that maybe at the beginning food wouldn't be so important. I don't doubt that its probably going to hurt like hell and i'm probably not going to be all that successful at first being 24stone but I want to be fit and healthy, I want exercise to be my comfort not food.

Has anyone managed this? turned from 20 stone something potato into a exercise king or queen? can it even be done without doing some sort of diet?
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I think it would depend how much you're eating, if you're eating way over your recommended calories then I don't think there'd be much of a loss unless you
were training like an olympic athlete!
Any exercise is good though so it's worth starting the DVD's and seeing how you get on.


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i didnt diet as such and still dont! i do exericse classes 4 days a week and run 3 times a week though.
i pretty much did no exericse at all before all this, and it was hard to begin with but i love it now
Hi there, I've been lurking a while and just registered so I could answer your question! :D
I have often seen it said that exercise is good for your health, but it's diet that makes you lose weight, and I have found this to be true. If that sound disheartening, remember it's far better to be fat and fit and healthy than fat and unhealthy, so if you persevere with your exercise plans, there's a definite win.
I have found it much easier to stick to an exercise regime than a diet too and the nice thing about exercise is that you start reaping the rewards immediately healthwise and don't have to wait for a scale to play along - and if nothing else, if you get into a regular exercise programme, then you will be able to maintain your weight and stop it increasing any further. It will also do wonders for your happiness and confidence. And probably if you can get into a regular routine and start to think of yourself as a fit person, you'll find healthy eating and dieting is easier to handle a little bit further down the road.
I'd also recommend if you are currently unfit, be reasonable in what you expect of yourself. Don't beat yourself up if you can't manage a full DVD workout at once, and don't kid yourself into believing you've ruined everything if you don't do a full workout every time you plan. Just keep going!
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Hi there. I don't have a particular diet plan. I don't go to WW, slimming world, count calories etc. I go to gym and try to be active. When i first started i did Davina DVD and couldnt get through it without pausing all the time. Now I go to the gym circuit classes and can give it a good go for the full 45 mins. My fitness levels have improved - and I've lost nearly 2 stone (from c.12st to c.10st).

The biggest thing I've found is although I'm not actively seeking low cal, low fat etc food, I pick it naturally. For example, I take a salad & yogurt to work for lunch instead of having a cooked lunch evey day. it's not a diet plan but I think well I'm going to the gym so I might as well take in my own lunch otherwise it would be a wasted gym session.

I think at this point, when you're just starting off you should just try a few changes. Don't make a dramatic change - I.e. diet & exercise. Take your time to get into the rhythm of becoming g healthy. Starting off with just exercise will maybe naturally make you think about the food you're eating. And when you start losing weight with exercise youll be motivated to make small changes to your diet. It will just snowball and before you know it you'll be running a marathon and cooking yummy healthy meals all the time.

Good luck with your journey. Stick with it. xx

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