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A pic of me for delli - although i'm not saying you cant all look! I just look fat!

I'm going to come over there and hit you in a minute.


You are gorgeous blue_grapefruit :)
aargh, stop it! I was trying to show my HUGE hair!My fiance and i both have natural curls - good thing really as i want curly babies.
I challenge you to find a curlier couple :)
Delli hunny, i didnt say right now! My flight is booked or feb remember - and i AM staying with you!!!! hahaha xxx
Ah Leah your gorgeous babe, you look a lovely couple.
Not forgetting how " popular" you are aswell x x x :giggle::giggle::giggle:
Right, that it. I officially "strongly" dislike sarah.
hope you put on a pound - (Damn, im so funny it hurts!)

And you know its not true, i love you with all my heart xxx
Well I lost 2.5 lbs this week so nur nur :rotflmao: You know i`m just jealous cos I got no friends :D
Loving the pic! I would happily give up my home, all it's contents and quite frankly, my hubby too for hair like yours!


Mind, i suppose i say its high maintenence but really i get up and depending if i have work or not then i'll shower, wash and condition my mop. Then i'llbrush it and sling it in the towel for 5. Then i put a few handfuls of moose and flip my hair back - Job done. It dries naturally and that (above) is the result!


Talks too much
grrr leah. i have to wash and condition mine, towel dry it then spend 10 mins brushing it into shape, another 15 mins trying to blow dry the frizz out and another 20 mins splitting it into sections and straightening it to get all the frizz out!
I can beat you both, I have that horrible neither one thing nor tother type hair, not straight, not curly, kind of kinky!! Therefore I have no option but to use straighteners every day otherwise people ask me what happened to my hair!!!

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