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a pretty big change of plan!!

ok, i was all set to go to slimming world tonight, was feeling nervous but motivated and was looking forward to making changes....then i find out my cousin has told my auntie, who also plans on turning up

i couldn't go - she is a really mean and spiteful person who has said horrendous things to me in the past and i could not spend 1 minute in a room with her, let alone an hour

so i have joined body optimise instead and will hopeflly be able to count all you guys as my support group??
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have read all the literature online, and think i am going to have a green day tomorrow - i have lots of veg to use up so think i will rustle up a curry

i am quite surprised on how much you can actualy eat - i didn't quite believe it until i had read all the stuff on the sight

i also got a syn value for my favourite confectionary (Caramac - yum yum), so i am all set!!


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That's great that you are all set to get going. Not so good that you were forced out of your local meeting! Of course you can count on us all for support, that's what we are here for
thank u taz.

i thought about going and sticking it out but it would just have been too much pressure for me, and she would have found a way to get at me

she had a go at me at my dads funeral (because i chose to stay at uni) so i can guarentee she would have had a dig whatever happened

i'm happy doing it online, all the info seems to be there and i can come on here and natter!
Klair hunni dont let the witch get you down, we will all be here to support you. Don't let the bar stewards grind you down hun xx
i know pink-chocolate. i am soooo tired and didn't want to type it twice - you will get used to me lol!!

i will show my auntie what for, and i am trying not to let her get at me, i will keep at it in any way possible and if it doesn't involve seeing her all the better!!
plus i need all the support i need so maybe the post will be turning up elsewhere too!! :)


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What is MSE forum?

Any slimming club is a place you need to feel comfortable and supported and if there is someone there who will make you feel bad it's best not to go. Good decision
MSE is the money saving expert site and forum

that is how i felt taz, i couldn't go cos i would just worry all the time!

i am doing good so far. Have had a salad, and ryveta with some HEa laughing cow light, and my raison wheats this moring with a HEa of milk.

Going to have an activia yogurt and some fruit in a sec