A question about exercise - ref Biggest Loser

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Hi folks, can I ask you.... I was watching a couple of taped Biggest Loser episodes and I see the contestants do a serious and strenous work out before they weigh in as their last chance to be at their lightest by the time they weigh in.

Is this possible? Does this mean that you see the benefits of exercise so quickly on the scales?

My WI is on Tuesday and I started exercising today. If I thought that I would see a result so soon, I would be more likely to get out and do it again tomorrow and Tuesday. It would be a great motivator.

So, is it possible? I just assumed exercise would show much more slowly than that.

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I wondered this too. Then I thought do they excercise and not drink? So they loose sweat and fluid for weigh in? Because sportsman do that to reach weight for weigh in.?
But I don't know for sure .


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Be aware that if you start doing alot of exercise, then you retain water in your muscles which can show on the scales .It evens out over a couple of weeks but can lead to disappointment. Use your tape measure to get a better picture of how your body is changing.


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i've watched a few series and it's difficult to tell, but from one i watched i got the idea it was the day before the weigh in.

i've tried exercising and then weighing and i ended up heavier or stayed the same.


I think they exercise like crazy an don't drink - sweat out the water then get the lowest weight OR do they get weighed the next morning before food & drink??
I've seen on biggest loser they do it the other way as well - they load up on 'water weight' if they got immunity then the week after look like they dropped loads!
I don't think it's sensible to exercise without drinking and if you exercise you'll see it on the scales anyway :) x


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And they had terrible weight losses this week!


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i cant go without a drink when excersing, i get dehydrated bad enough!


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I'm sceptical too about whether it makes an immediate difference - I think they just do the last chance workout because the TV producers think it makes good telly!


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Does a 'last chance workout' really work? Does anyone do this before their weigh in day?