a question about pitta breads


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sorry if this is in the wrong place but can you eat pitta breads without warming them up first?
i brought some from asda yesterday and was going to have one with my dinner but never had anywhere to warm it up,
it would be so handy if you can eat them as brought i could leave some in the car for when i dont have any lunch with me thanks

yep definatley in the wrong place
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so far as I know there is no reason you can't just eat them out the pack - it is just bread after all. Does it say anything about it on the pack? I guess not as you are here asking but maybe you missed it somehow?

I know the Asda wholemeal ones can be a HEb :)


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I eat a pitta bread out of the pack as a Naan bread substitute when I have a curry, I used to have to syn it, but now I can use it as a HEXB, lovely....


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You can! However, when you warm them up, they puff up a little bit, which makes them easier to open up and fill :)

Wouldn't do you any harm having them out of the packet though.


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i dont warm mine up. just cut open , spread lightly with some light mayo, stuff with lettuce, toms and bacon and dip in a bit of brown sauce. Thats my breaky mmmmmm xx