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  1. Alexa787

    Alexa787 New Member

    Hello all!
    Just a question; on the Cambridge Step Programme booklet it's mentioned that after every fourth or fifth week of SS, it's a good time to introduce some food.

    Has anyone done this or planning to do this, or stuck/sticking to doing 12 weeks SS then up it to step 2 then back down to SS after week 13?

    Thank you!

    A x
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  3. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Maybe you have a new book as mine doesn't say that. Just says I need to go to step 2 for a week after step 2 before I can go back to SS/SS+...............?
  4. Alexa787

    Alexa787 New Member

    It's on page 35
    Step 1
    Under "How will I be on Sole Source"
  5. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Will take a look when I get home. Mine is over a year old so could be that it has been updated since then.
  6. shrinkingalice

    shrinkingalice Silver Member

    I have never noticed that before! I dont think you have to as I stayed on SS the whole time and didnt have any food x
  7. CrazyDiamond

    CrazyDiamond Gold Member

    Oh yeah , I see that, it's up to you, I didn't but I'm very much all or nothing, for me it would have been detrimental, but on the other hand there are a lot of people who switch between ss and ss+ as and when they please, it's useful for social situations and if people do feel they need food. it's all dependant on you really, it wouldn't make much difference to losses.

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