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A Question for CDC


I have a question......I Had my meeting with my councellor a month ago, and inbetween i texted and emailed him as needed him to come early as had flu and had to go on too 4 shakes a day and didn't like half me bars, he never replied and now when he's due to visit me, he hasn't contacted me....am i in the wrong? Should I have contacted him again? I feel i have been ripped off but he is on the councellor list on the official site:( I really feel he just wanted the money:mad:
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Well I can't speak for others but I see my CDC every week and inbetween she texts me to see if I'm ok. She's on holiday in Greece at the moment but has also texted me from there!! bless her.

I found her on the official site too but I think its horses for courses hon. If you're not happy or comfortable see if you can find another CDC in your area. You need to feel "right" with your CDC. Good luck xx


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Hiya Top Lass. Each CDC works for themselves so the service they offer, as long as it maintains the minimum Cambridge expect, is up to them. No CDC should sell more than 4 weeks of product in one go, and should be in regular contact with their client. However, some clients want to be left to get on with it (in my experience) and are happy to contact the CDC when needed and not in between.

If you are not happy with the service you are receiving, then you need to vote with your feet. However, the relationship is a two-way street - have you made your CDC aware that you need/want more contact? He might not realise this and think that you are happy. You can find alternative CDCs by calling 0800 161412. You also need to be aware that not all counsellors will come to you - many operate from their own homes, so factor this in.

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