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A quick boost?? Which diet??


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K so I'm wanting to lose 14lbs by Xmas and I'm only 1lb down this week.... I don't follow any particular diet because I want to make long term life style changes and work the fat off with extra exercise.....
Obviously I know weight loss will be slow for the reason that I'm not really following a specific diet

However What diet can I follow just to make an impact for Xmas and to help boost the start to my weight loss???

Any ideas suggestions and brief over views of any diets you on?
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Sw is good but it's a gradual think that you should persist with in my opinion. The attack phase of the dukan diet is the the best for quick weight loss, followed by a high protein /low carb diet ( as i dont think you can do the attack phase for more than 10 days) and plenty of high impact work outs, Zumba, body combat, aerobics etc.

muscle burns more fat to so including weights will help. If you need to be pushed I'd suggest body pump. You won't look like your a body builder or anything , will just shape you better and burn more calories. Swimming is excellent for all the body to.

I've started going for walks on my breaks at work, any little helps.

Big warning though any yo yo dieting will just lead to bigger weight gain if you just go back to eating crap.

Hope that helps! Good luck :) x


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Slimming world,not a diet a healthy eating plan
You dont feel restricted

Thats true but its not likely to, as the OP is looking for, have a 14lb loss before Xmas


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I would probably do a Rosemary Conley style month - stick to 1200 cals a day for two weeks, then go up to 1400 cals for the second two weeks. Eat foods with under 5% saturated fat, eat three meals a day with a mid-morning and mid-afternoon fruit snack to keep the metabolism ticking over.

If you buy a copy of Rosemary's magazine, it'll give you the plan and a sample week.

I do like Rosemary's diets - they work so well, and you do lose weight fast - I just can't stick to them for very long! I'd definitely recommend Slimming World for the long-term.


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I'm on Slim and Save VLCD. Almost everyone on a VLCD will lose a stone or more in 4 weeks if they stick to it, but it is VERY strict as you can only have the meal replacement packs plus certain veggies or salad so it's certainly not for everyone. It's probably not the sort of diet I would recommend just for 4 weeks either but if you have about 3 stone or more to lose it's a quick way of achieving it. I had 6 stone to lose and just over half of that is gone now in 15 weeks. I hope to be at goal around Feb after taking a break for Xmas.


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Thanks everyone for your replies.... Let's put it this way whatever weight comes off and in what ever means will be staying off..... I just wanted to make a dent and give myself a boost ready to take on the rest..... I know exactly what lifestyle changes I need to make and have already done these but want to shape things up a bit so I'm not getting to bored or relaxed .... Nothing like a bit of variety and shock therapy for the body... ;-)

I do the same thing every 6 weeks with my exercise routines just so when my rather lazy body thinks it's crack it and knows how to resist my work out efforts.... I up my game introduce something new and bobs your uncle I get results.... Results that last

I basically have a 14lb target to reach and want to reach this by Xmas so then I can set the next half a stone challenge for a further 8 weeks on... Slow and steady



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Starlight said:
Thats true but its not likely to, as the OP is looking for, have a 14lb loss before Xmas

If you've not done sw before there can be a big weight loss in the first weeks,depending on op weight.


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So what's the rosemary Connelly diet then???

I dunno I'm up for trying anything I suppose I just don't have a sw group near me that's got a convenient time?!?

Thanks all guys xxx