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A quick Hi!!


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Hi Girls and guys!!

Long time no visit!! (Sorry!!)

Just a quick hi and hope you are all doing good!! For those of you that don't remember me, I lost 12 stone on LL over the last 18 months!
Had a bit of a relapse in the eating lately so have gained around 2 stone!!! OOPS how did that happen!!! I start CD in the next week or so to get the excess back off... so excited, haven't felt like this since I started LL!! Funny how you have to hit rock bottom to realise you need to take action!! But at least now the only way is up :)
I have been really busy, I am now a qualified scuba diver and am enjoying doing stuff I could only have dreamt of 2 years ago!! So it not all bad!!

Anyway...hope everyone feeling positive!! Sending all my positive vibes to you all!!

Hope you guys don't mind me popping in even though I'll be CD!! LLers are still my friends x

Bex x
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didnt know you before but welcome back wow 12 stone thats fab


Strong women stay slim
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hi Bex

Remember you very well , kept seeing them pics of you getting smaller and smaller ....
Blimey you did great .
At least you are going to deal with your 2 stone and come back to CD and knock it out in know time at all... will be seeing how you do , welcome back
Hi Bex

Thanks for popping back. Great about the scuba diving. Good luck with the CD. NO PROBLEM- you'll do it in time for summer xxx.


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Hi there, I certainly remember your photos.You are on the inspiration slide show and are one of the people I keep showing to OH when my motivation is flagging.I'm pretty sure that you'll get that 2 stones off in no time,and congratulations on the Scuba Diving-what an acheivement!

Blonde Logic

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Hi Bex!!! Great to see you!!! Sorry you've struggled - but hey, you are back in the realms of safety!!! You know you can do this, so I won;t break out my pom poms - you are one determined lady! SO good luck, and definaltey pop in here, CD or LL - makes no matter - we just want YOU! :D



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Thank you BL...it's lovely to be wanted!!! bless ya!!
I go to have my check tomorrow evening and as soon as things are signed etc...I am back on and yes more determined than ever!!! I know I can do this and I know I do not want to be fat cos it makes me so unhappy!! I haven't been this excited since I started LL!!!! :D:D:D:D


I Can Do This!
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Hi Bex - well done on your loss - I'm going for nine stone so I love seeing success stories like you!

One of my main reasons for losing weight was that my dry suit got too tight and I couldn't afford another! I have been diving for over 20 years and I love it. Well done on qualifying and enjoy every dive.



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Thanks Thin Inside...I don't want to outgrow my wetsuit!! lol...to much wear left in it!! I got all my paperwork for CD signed no probs and pick up my packs tomorrow evening!!! Roll on Wednesday morning!!!! :D


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Thinking of you Wednesday , i'm sure it will be a breeze ...
Whats on the menu wednesday


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Hi ya..it's wednesday and so far so good...had 3 packs so far...one to go!! Not been too bad, bit of a headache but I knew what to expect...it's been such a relief not having to worry about what I should eat!!! lol x


Strong women stay slim
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Evening Bex

are you doing 4 packs a day ?
How are you finding it ? Well day 3 over for me today , there are moments taht I find it hard but coping ok , my sister just said tonight that I have lost weight , so i'm happy , I can feel it at the back of my legs .
You really nailed it last time , and I know you will again .


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Hi All,

Day 4 and feeling fine!!! I love the feeling you get as you are heading for ketosis!! I have lost but not gonna weigh cos it can be off putting...I know I've lost though cos me jeans went on without struggle this morning!!! Yippee!!!
Sending lots of good vibes to you all!!

And MsJMC, I'm doing the SS+ (4 packs and 200ml of skimmed milk) as it suits me best :)


Strong women stay slim
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roll on and them jeans will fall off you , i think i may have to do 4 packs but will see . i will look at your losses and see . how are you doing ?


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Everything is going fine MsJMC, I'm not sure if I am in ketosis yet but I sure haven't been hungry today!! I don't mind if I lose at a slightly lower rate as I like the option of a small meal should I really want to eat...SS+ covers all my options! Will update on Tuesday after weigh in x


Strong women stay slim
S: 17st3lb C: 17st3lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Morning Bex

Yes be interesting seeing how much you lose , on this plan .
I am finding I may need to have 4 packs somedays , as where it gets to say 2 pm and i feel I am clocking watching for another shake .
Do you have just shakes or bars ?

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