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A sad day ......

Well, you could be like me. You might go for a bra fitting and only need a smaller back size and keep your F cup. Unfortunately I want my cup size to go down, K is not fun :(
Aww Daisy wish we could choose where we lose it from lol! Could with the following:

5lb from bum
5lb from stomach
3lb from each thigh

Then i be sorted lmao! Am so happy that my bust is now c cup again, but other half not so much :D

Just need some chicken fillets hun and you be ok x:rainbow:
This is one of the things I'm really not looking forward to! Considering my size/weight I really dont think my boobs are that big at DD.
Decent size I know but compared to the rest of me they're not!


Just doing it this time
I always wanted bigger boobs ! was a 42B - now 38B - would love to get back to 36B though.
Crikey... I wish I could lose it off my boobs..Im contemplating a boob reduction :) You can have whats left over of mine if ya want... so long as you pay for postage..it'll cost ya a small fortune tho no doubt!! :)
Yeah, wouldn't it be good if we could share them about a bit?

I think mine have now come down to about an E - and about 3 back sizes as well. But there's still a fair amount of boobage there to contend with!
i was a 42 E dropped to a 42 DD already ive been big for so long i cant remember my cup size when i was 12 stone think it was a 36 C but not sure told my hubby to start saving for a boob job lol
Lol ... isn`t it funny how we all feel about our boobs !!!

Catxx, i`d be asking for the same hun, my tum and thighs still appear to be the same size ... but the boobs are fading away lol

I do love my norks though, so any spare going i`ll send a courier pmsl ... Think i`ll be needing a boob jos soon ... either that or some chicken fillets (free on a red day lololol)


Always comes back to MMs!
I love my boobs! They're the one bit I've always liked, I hate seeing them shrink, I want them to stay so I can be thin and booby in my lovely little dresses!!! xxxx
Sorry to hijack this thread!

I'm doing ww and already lost 2 stone. Before I started I was a 38f and pert and lovely. Now iv started losing the weight (still 3 stone to go!) iv gone down to a 36e and shock horror, I'm going saggy!!! :(

Iv already got my boob job fund going! My best friend laughs at me wen I mention having surgery but i'm deadly serious!!

My chest used to be one of the things I loved about me...now I'm beginning to hate it lol
Manc Bird .... i soooo know what you mean !!! that is what i had envisioned, a tiny me with serious boobage up front ..... though now i feel they may well need scaffolding support ... :sigh:

LilDanni .... i have saggyness too ... it`s bladdy depressing tbh ..... I feel that wonder bra`s may well be the future for me lolol ... thankgod i`m already married :p
I used to have my own business selling lingerie, and have yet to find a woman happy with the complete package, so regardless of my own fears, have to keep reminding myself to love myself just the way I am, as there never seems to be the happy ending we all dream of. Great underwear works wonders, and its worth treating yourself to fab bras to show off what you have. And anyone who gets that close a look at them should be thinking you are fab regardless of whats up front. When we are all 80 it will be different, so let enjoy what we have now.


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
My partner in crime at work always reminds me that we're changing in proportion! its slightly comforting when i've gone from a 38D to a 36B, at least i know my ass has shrunk at the same time :giggle:
I am one of those who would like to lose it of my boobs I hate big boobs. Bt not complaining to much as am losing it in other places so hopefully when it stops falling of the other places it will find its way to my boobs..

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