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A salad question


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i use spinage now instead of lettuce- it lasts much longer and u can cook with it too.
Red onions are cheaper than spring onions.
Peppers are very versatile- and not too expensive for what they are.
Pre- prepared salads are actually alot more expensive.
I find that tescos is cheapest for fresh fruit and veg salad etc.
they have peppers for 35p each at the moment.
its all about making it last long really.
I know you cant have it yet but sweetcorn is great in salad and nice and cheap.
balsamic vinegar is a great tangy dressing and cheap aswell!
oh and buy tomotos loose rather than in a six pack etc x its cheaper x


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I have a large pot just outside my back door where I planted mixed Italian and lambs lettuce and you just cut the leaves as you want them and they keep growing, lasted me all summer last year and I think the packs were about £1.35 each. Well worth a go if you have even a very small garden or even a window box.
I also have pots with various other salad items, like cherry toms, radish, spring onions, peppers, etc.
I do buy similar to kelly if I haven't got any at home, but I do tend to buy the mixed leaves in a bag as I don't like the whole lettuces you usually get like iceberg, I prefer a bit of variety and I find the bags get eaten quickly enough that they are gone before they go bad. They are quite a bit more expensive than buying a whole lettuce though.


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Am definitely going to plant some, I'm doing the garden up at the moment.

I thought about having it in teh front garden (get more sun and the dogs dont' go in there) but I'm worried bits would get stolen. We've got a little blackberry hedge thing, there are always kids in the garden nicking them :mad:


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We have an east facing rear garden so doesn't get the sun all day and mine are growing fine. It just take a few weeks for some of it to be ready, mixed leaf lettuce, radishes, spring onions, baby carrots, these are all quick.


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TG, plant your salad garden in pots - that way, the dogs can't really get to them, and if your finding your veg need that little extra sun, you can easily move them into the front garden for a day under the rays before moving them back again. Consider also getting some slug stoppa tape to put round the top of your pots, that way and slugs or snails that fancy some of your lunch won't get past the copper ring you've put round the pot - it's on a sticky back roll from most good garden centres and is about £6 a roll. is good and will last.


constantly confused
Thanks for the tips :D

We're re-doing the whole of the back garden this year, going to get rid of the shed and put a veg gaden there, but it's going to take a while before that's sorted. If I put them in pots, could I move them into raised beds afterwards? :confused:

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