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A Stone and a half by summer.......

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by kevina, 28 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. kevina

    kevina Member

    So, after hearing all the success stories from friends and family I have decided to give SW a go.

    I was always a naturally tall and slim person but 2 babies later my body has def changed. I got married last year and trained every day with a PT and got down to 9st 10lb and my silk wedding dress was bump free! Since then I have gone up to around 11st and as I edge closer to 40 I am finding very difficult to shift with exercise alone.

    I finally made the decision over the weekend to join the SW family and I have my first meeting/weigh in tomorrow night. I feel really confident that I will achieve my goal as I am very focused.

    I train in the gym 5 days a week doing circuits and boxing high intensity classes so I'm hoping I can reach my goal. I just have to find a way not to eat chocoalates heeeellllppppppp ha ha

    Wish me luck!!!
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  3. Beth75

    Beth75 Member

    I'm also starting (again) this week and with simular stats and goals to you, until i seen your height that's is lol. I got to 8st 12lb a couple of years ago but gave up smoking and it all came back on and then back to around the 11st mark i am :( Im aiming to reach my goal for my friends 40th in July.
    Good Luck!
  4. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    I have started again yesterday also filling in a food diary, I too would like to loose 1 and a half stone by the summer, well in 12 weeks time ready for our holidays.

    we can do it ladies - good luck xx
  5. kevina

    kevina Member

    Today was my first ever weigh in and I felt really good when I left. It wasn't the weight I wanted to see on the scales but the women are so helpful. I keep thinking I shouldn't be eating as much as I am but I am entering all my food into the online food diary and it says I'm ok. Wish I'd done this year's ago lol

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  6. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    That's brilliant well done! What did you loose?
    im doing it myself from home but keep debating on joining online, mainly because I want the new fake away book :)

    how ow have you been finding it? Xx
  7. kevina

    kevina Member

    I will find out next Tuesday if I've lost anything but I feel like I have lol. For me the meeting is good as you want to do well in front of your group. The on line diary is so handy. It just helps me make sense of it all.
    The food is delicious too which amazed me. It's more like a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet and with 2 small children it means we are all eating right :)

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  8. Beth75

    Beth75 Member

    Good Luck to you too MrsB ! and Good Luck for your first weigh-in Kevia :)

    I did my weigh-in and I've lost 3lbs :D
  9. MrsB193

    MrsB193 Full Member

    Aw well done Beth!! You done better than me, I've only lost 1.5lbs gutted, but I have been so bad over the weekend, I just can't seem to stick to plan when my husband is around!

    back on it today properly, and going to try and be really good all week and hope for a better second weigh in :)

    we have pretty much the same stats Beth :)

    Do you have a food diary? Xx
  10. Beth75

    Beth75 Member

    Thanks MrsB, Hey you still lost, no matter what it is, Good on ya! Yes i seen the stats although you do need to change your start weight lol, Have a look at the weight lost stat hehe. Good to see some-one aiming for the same :) I have basically had 2x weetbix for brekkie, snacks of fruit mid morning. A sandwich of either meat, cheese or tuna and lots of salad with an apple and pickled onions. Then evening meal has been either, steak or home roasted chicken, veg and gravy, then a pack of crisp no more than 5 syns and a couple of biscuits that are no more than 3 syns each. So my syns have been around 13 or so per day. I'll lessen this as the weight goes down. So Red days last week and this week. Then im gonna try doing Green next week and see if there are any changes.
  11. kevina

    kevina Member

    Well my first weigh in was a disaster. I stuck to the rules and put on 2.5lb. I honestly could have cried. All the girls that started with me lost and I gained.

    I'm going to email my food diary to the firl who runs the class to see if she can see what's going on but I have to say I'm very dejected about it :'(

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  12. Beth75

    Beth75 Member

    Aw Honey, Don't beat yourself up over it, Everyone is different and if you keep at it it has to go the other way. It is a good idea to get someone to go over the food diary and see if there are any changes that could be made. Hope this just spurs you on and doesn't put you off. If its any consolation after me having a really good week i weighed a day early and have stayed the same this week?? It is gonna take time for our bodies to adjust so the first few are gonna be hit or miss, so im going to give it time yet. Good Luck for next week, we CAN do this!!
  13. kevina

    kevina Member

    Taaaaa daaaaa!! I went for my second weigh in this week and I had lost 3.5lbs.

    I think because I changed my diet drom a high protein, low carb diet to slimming world where I'm allowed noodles, rice and beans etc my body just freaked out and that's why I gained on the first week but I am now under 11 stone so it has really pushed me on to lose the rest.

    I am starting to notice my body changing too! All in all I'm a happy girl

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  14. kevina

    kevina Member

    Another weigh in tonight and another 2lb gone so I have definitely got the hang of this diet!

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