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A stone off in three weeks...

As in the title really! I'm just about to book a holiday to Lanzarote and I only have three weeks to shift some weight. I won't be anywhere near my target but know that I'll feel so much better for shifting a bit. Plus I may fit into some of my exisiting beach clothes (I really don't want to fork out a load of money on larger clothes :( )

I'm using up my old slim and save sachets before I place a new exante order. Also, my diets a little confused because I'm going away this weekend, but I didn't want to wait until Monday to start. I'm going to mix up low carb and packets until I get a clearer run next week....

Anyway, here goes! I'll probably post a lot on here to start with as I need to keep occupied!

Start weight: 14.8
Holiday goal weight: 13.8
Final goal weight: 9.8
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Yesterday was fine. I didn't drink enough water early on (I hadn't decided to do this diet!).

Day 1/21

Weight loss so far: 0lbs

Steps: 1400
Ex: 2 gentle dog walks
Cals 550
Food: skinny latte, apricot & almond bar, mild curry pack, caffe latte pack
Water: enough

Today's plan is similar, and then I'm away for the weekend so it'll be a mixture of packs and low carbing.
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Day 2 / 21

Weight loss so far: 4lbs

Steps: c15000
Exercise: 2 gentle dog walks
Cals: 657
Food: soya latte, caramel crunch bar, spag bol pack, carbonara pack, americano with skimmed milk
Water: lots

Surprisingly easy - didn't feel particularly hungry today but I know for me the real problem is mind games.

I'm going to visit my parents this weekend and I'm not letting them know I'm on this diet. I've been on and off diets for the last 30 years. What I do now is my business.

I plan to have a pack for breakfast (easy enough to skip the family breakfast and just have black coffee, then have a bar or something later.

Then I will have salad and protein for lunch and whatever veg and protein is on offer for tea. I'll try and avoid carbs but if I feel the food is too carby I'll do a HIIT workout to use the carbs up. And I'll stick to 3 litres of water a day.

Fingers crossed! I'm there til Tuesday but can probably get away with returning to packs on Tues as I can skip breakfast and leave mid morning.

I know it all sounds quite convoluted and I'm annoyed because I've made a good start these last two days, but I'm glad I'm not waiting til Tuesday to restart and I should still lose some weight (or at least not regain) if I low carb.
Day 3 / 21

Weight loss so far: 5.8lbs (in two days :) !!!)

Steps: 18,100
Exercise: dog walk and keeping busy!
Cals consumed: 698
Food: soya latte, s&s praline bar, greek style rice stuffed tomato with green salad, s&s caramel choc bar
Water: lots

Another surprisingly easy day. A moments temptation when I was shopping which I resisted, but otherwise I was fine. I didn't have any choice over dinner. My mum baked tomatoes with rice and soya mince in - it was yummy but I would have gone a little more low carb if I could. I was hoping for meat and two veg - then I could have ignored the carbs all together. All in all I'm pleased about how I handled it.

Tomorrow will be trickier - lunch and dinner out. I'll just continue to make good choices :)
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Day 4

Weight loss so far: 5.8lbs (no scales where I am...fortunately!)

Steps: no idea, but pretty good because of a long dog walk and HIIT workout. Forgot to put my watch on this morning!!

Exercise: dog walk and 20 min fitness blender HIIT workout plus warm up and cool down.

Food: a tricky day well handled - for me anyway. I was going out for two meals so knew it'd be difficult.

1720 cals

Breakfast - lots of water, black coffee
Lunch - roast (2 crackers with guacamole to start, then about half my usual portion...one slice of meat, two tiny roast potatoes, veg. Half a portion of tiramisu and quarter of a v rich choc brownie)
Dinner - cafe rouge. I had chickpea tangine and half a flat bread. Small glass of wine, no pud.

So I'm pleased with my choices, and the workout I stuck in the middle!
I wish you could lose weight on what you didn't eat that you could have...I'd have eaten 2 pain au chocolate for breakfast, double the portion of lunch (with yorkshires and gravy), wine at lunch, beer and more wine at dinner, bread on the restaurant table, and a pud for dinner. Plus at least one latte during the day, and probably would have been too stuffed to do the HIIT workout! Wow, no wonder I'm fat!!!

One more day away from home then back on the packs...
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Day 5/21

Weight loss: no idea...no scales until Wed!

Steps: 20500

Exercise: 30 min swim, 7km dog walk, a couple of hours mooching around shops.

Food: 757 cals
B - soya latte
L - m&s sushi
T - tuna and avocado salad

Water: 3l

A good dieting day but no packs - the nutrients in the packs help stave off hunger so back on the packs tomorrow.
Day 6 - diet fail!

Did well all day, including a "run" (run / walk that is!) then scoffed 1000 cals of toblerone in the evening! I've given the other half of the v large toblerone away now otherwise I know I'd ruin another day.

I know it'll be hard to get back on track, but I also know I can. And will.

I'm starting a new diary - I've made a number of requests to have this diary moved and it's not. I've also decided not to follow straight vlcd. My mind isn't in it and I'm quite pleased with what I'm doing so I'm going to make a list of rules I'm willing to stick to in order to lose weight.

So my new diary will be in the main diaries section and when I've decided on a title I'll post it here :)
Not been an angel for two weeks and as such 2lb gain over those two weeks but this week I am hoping for a 2lb loss as been so much better and today did a mammoth walk up Frodsham hill which is local to where I live in Cheshire - think my husband is trying to kill me so he can stop our kitchen extension lol x