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A terrible day :-(


This is the last time!!
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And it's only half way through it too :(

I am still feeling pretty poorly with tonsillitis and general 'bleurgh' illness, very weak, floaty head etc. But I dragged myself in to work this morning as I look after my colleagues 2 children on a Monday afternoon whilst she studies and I didn't want to let her down. Only for her to tell me that her brother flew over last night and he would be watching them so I didn't need to. Had a pathetic cry over that, got over it, the kids were beyond hyper today - hitting, biting, throwing toys. Things that they never ever usually do, so terrible morning in work where I feel all I have done is be negative.
Then, nipped to the post office to post nephew a parcel, and a little boy of around 4 loudly told his mum that he didnt want to stand next to the fat lady (me) because 'she is so fat'
Now, I know kids say it like it is, however, as a mother myself I would have been mortified and made the child apologise, explianing how things hurt people's feelings. But no, this woman and her friends just started laughing and looking at me. The post office was baking hot and due to feeling so ill I thought I was going to pass out, and I was close to tears yet I had to stay by these ignorant laughing people as I had promised this parcel to my nephew.
I'm 5'7, wearing very loose size 20 clothes. Many people tell me that I do not 'look' big as I appear to carry my weight well.
I'm absolutely devastated, I feel like crap anyway, and to be laughed at by a bunch of ignorant people, judging me on how I look not how I am has hurt me to the core.
I suppose I am lucky that it has never really happened before. Maybe that's why it hurts so much :cry:
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talk about ignorant people. i wouldn't give their comments the time of day. they're thick and can't help that but you are loosing weight and are being very proactive about it. shame you didn't think to say something along the lines. "i may be fat but at least i'm not thick and ignorant, have a nice day and i hope that someone will teach your son some manners"

you are doing amazing well, unfortunately sometimes when you wear loose clothes you look a bit bigger than you actually are. maybe time for a visit to primark for some cheap and cheerful clothing.


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Hunni you are doing amazing and the fact that your clothes are very loose is testament to this. People can be really unthoughtful at times and I would ignore them and their comments as any decent parent would have told their child to apologise. The fact you're feeling ill won't help with your mood either.

I think you need to go any buy some new clothes, doesn't have to be many or cost a fortune. The main supermarkets and Primark have some really good stuff in at rock bottom prices.

You're doing fab - we all think so on here - so keep it up. You CAN do it! xxx


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oh god that is awful please try and not let them bother you horrible nasty people just keep going with the diet please dont let them effect you and you will be where you want to be in no time

Hope you are ok big hugs to you


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
There's no chance of me quitting, I am determined to do it this time. I am just so hurt by the fact that these ignorant people laughed. As a mother myself AND as a childcare professional, I know that kids say stuff. However, the fact that they just laughed, no apology, no reprimand for the child etc was just bloody rude.
If the mother had turned to me and apologised I would have been able to laugh it off I guess, but her reaction and that of her friends was just wrong.

I live in Germany (tho this all happened in the NAAFI complex so was Brits!!) so getting to places for clothes is a bit tricky. I do have some stored away and I think I will have a trying on session later to see if anything smaller fits yet.

Thanks so much for your kind replies, I feel stupid and pathetic for crying over it but as I mentioned, I am struggling with tonsillitis as it is and feel pretty lousy without that.


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Really sorry that happened to you. Some people are just very self centred, ignorant and have no thought for peoples feelings. Says a whole lot about them none of it good!
I know its very upsetting but try to forget about them, the're not worth a minutes more thought.
You're doing really well & kudos for sticking with it whilst feeling ill. Hope you feel better soon!



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So much for Forces wifes sticking together. Hmmmpf. I'll send you some stuff hunni, cheer you up!

Hope you're feeling better soon xx
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Oh my god how rude! I hate people like that u have to teach ur children right from wrong! just shows how she was raised! Dont think on it hun ppl like that need a good slap! Your doing brilliantly with your weight loss hun xxx


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Hmmm the NAAFI I used to be an army wife who worked in the NAAFI I came across the rudest families while working there. I am a mum and work with kids I would have been horrified if my children or the ones in my care had behaved this way, as you said kids don't know any better but the parents do.
Well done for not letting this horrible day put you off course, you need some well earned me time and good pamper, your doing great so hang in there tomorrow is another day and I hope its a better one than today sending hugs xx


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People in this country boast about being so tolerate so how can they behave in this way. If I were you, I'd definitely bark something back to her and tell her to teach her son some good manners :)

I remember my friend telling a story about some lady and her little boy. She was at the bus and the boy was constantly kicking at my friend's bags. When she told his mother that it is not nice to kick her stuff she shouted at my friend saying that she prefers unstresfull upbringing and she is not going to say a word to her son. The bus stopped and the bloke who wanted to get out stuck his chewing gum on her forehead saying : My parents also preffered unstressful upbringing :) That was funny ! :)
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Hi jabba- oh my god I have two kids and if one of them went on like that they def would have been in BIG trouble. I am so sorry you were made to feel so bad, but by carrying on you are giving them the two fingers they deserve xxxxx


This is the last time!!
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Thanks ladies, I really do appreciate your comfort.
I am thankfully feeling an awful lot better today - I have my 'mojo' back. My throat is still sore but seems to have peaked Sunday and yesterday, so yay!
As for that woman, well, I pity the day her size 8's get tight!


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Hey Jabba (I hate typing that... change your user name please!!!!) Sorry I missed this yesterday when you were feeling poo, but I am glad you are feeling better today.

How horrible for that buy to say that, but if he was little he didn't really mean to hurt you. However, if I'd been his mum I would have been mortified! I definitely would have taken him out and had words - even if they were just to explain. If he was old enough to know better, I'd have had more than a few words to say!

Some kid shouted at me across the street that I was "fat" a few weeks ago. He was about 14. I had something to say to him I can tell you!

Anyway, glad your mojo is restored xx


This is the last time!!
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lol, my 'real' name is Jan ;)

If I hadn't have felt so unwell I would have responded - being a typical Gemini I am quick witted and like to have the last word. Am mentally prepared for it if (God forbid) it happens again. Thing is, I don't go round looking down my nose at thin people - I totally refuse to judge people on their outward appearance. I know that it's what's inside that counts x


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Just seen this.

You poor thing. I have lots of throat problems so can empathise with how you were feeling.

That child needed a rocket up his a**e as did the mother and her revolting friends.

I hope you carry on feeling better xx
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some people are so rude, if millie said something like that to someone id be mortified and i would tell her it was rude and she must apologise. i do hope you see them again when your slimmer and if i were you id say hello remember me im the fat woman from the post office lol. i also hope one day she gets fat and can see how it feels xx


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I was walking down the street once and a white van stopped and a guy hung out the back and shout oi you fat ***** and then drove off, It was awful I have never been so upset I would like to say it was a one off but I have had it shouted at me in the street on many a night out. After that if a man approached me in a bar or club I would automatically think he was there because his mates had dared him to or it was pull a fatty night. Hence why one of my reasons for wanting to lose weight was to blend in and not be noticed.
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fattism, is disgusting i think it is as bad as being racist. no wonder there are so many anorexic children these days. did you see that article in the papers last week a child who looked thin to me was deemed to be obese at school! they sent a letter home to his mum its ridiculousx


is starting to disappear!
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Arghhh, it all does my head in. Why can't they just let people be a normal weight?

If that ever happens to me kerryberry I just smile and think "I can lose weight, shame they can't get a personality transplant!" and it confuses them as they can't figure out why I'm grinning! x

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