A wee bit bunged up ...ahem


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Sorry about this, but i seem to be a bit bunged up if you get my drift. Its been 3 days since i've been to the loo and dont yet feel the need.
I dont eat veg apart from salad veg and admittedly probably not as much as i should be.
Is it ok to use laxatives or some sort of fibre supplement or are these loaded with carbs? I know some of the laxatives are filled with some kind of sweeteners.
I know i should eat vegetables but i really dont like them.

Sorry to be a pain.

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I used to use dulcolax regulary as i just could never go, but that is awful. But have since found that aloe vera juice is excellent, take it daily and you'll be grand. I've tried every other thing including fibre and aloe vera juice is the only thing that works naturally.


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I've been using Psyllium husks as recommended by atkins (holland & barret loose or as capsules). However, flaxmeal mims seem to do the job rather effectively and rather more delicious! :eek:


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Any combination of 2 Atkins products lol. Or some flax. Failing that Dulcolax Pearles, but I recommend NOT the maximum dose!


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Flaxmeal always did it for me Neil, Mind you I rarely needed it the veggies seemed to do it for me. :)


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What Jim said. For me it's more vegges or flaxmeal in the form of a MiM which are yummy so can't really complain. Nice to know i'm getting more fibre eating a MiM too.


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Ive got the opposite. A flaxmeal mim, Atkins shake and Atkins day break aswell as all the meat and veggies has left me feeling very sorry for myself!


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You could try 'potters cleansing herbs' from Holland & Barrett, all natural stuff.


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flaxmeal does it for me but make sure your drinking enough water too....

i can go for days without going but have no tummy ache like before and its something gillian mckeith would be proud of....a proper healthy one....lmao