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A Woman In Crisis - SOS!


Hello everyone!
Its been a couple of months since I've wrote on this thread, I still come in weekly to check diaries though, even though I don't write anything on them, lol that sounds slightly stalkerish.. but I swear I'm not!

Anyways to the point.. I have lost around 2 and a half stone, I am now 9 stone 12, which I'm obviously very happy with, however I still have a stone till goal and for about 6 weeks now my weight will not shift.

I'm down to 16 points a day, at the gym for an hour 3-4 times a week! and this final stone won't shift :sigh:

Can anyone please give me any advice? Am I overtraining (read this somewhere at the gym, apparently too much exercise can be a BAD thing) or am I eating too little points?

:sign0009: all help will be much appreciated!!

Thankyou!! xx
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I'm not sure what to advise as I've not been that weight for a long time, but something I found when I was around 9 stone is no matter how much I exercised or restricted my food (which I did a lot), I just couldn't go underneath 9 stone. I think our bodies do have an optimum weight and sometimes although BMI and scales may say something, sometimes we just have to listen to what internally we are saying. I know that sounds a bit trite, as I'm sure you'd like to get that final stone off considering you've come so far.

What are you using your points on? Is the majority of it fresh food, or snacky type things?

Hmmm well I'm sitting in the house, not had a very good day :cry: feel a bit sorry for myself haha dunno why just having one of those days.

Really really want to just go to Asda and get a lot of chocolate and ice cream! and just get in my pjs and watch x factor! :icecream:

Hi Missybct :)

Thankyou for replying!

I know thats what my mum keeps saying to me! all the women in my family carry our weight around the bottom of our back (the shelfy bit) and all the rest of body has slimmed down but I still have this shelf and no matter how many squats I do it just stays! Maybe I'll just have to live with it lol :)

To be honest my eating is quite bad now I'm at 16 points, I have a breakfast, then snack through the day and sometimes don't have a proper dinner, maybe I need to fit in 3 good meals that add up to 16 points? I find I eat a lot of junk and processed stuff, but its within my points and its convienent for me to grab stuff when I'm on the go :character00201:

What about you? Are you following weight watchers? how you getting on? xx
I don't know whether this is true of other people, but I find that if I eat processed or junk type food, my weight loss slows down quite a lot. I have no real idea of why, but maybe you could try a week (within your means) of eating less junk, and filling up on fruit or veg?

I know how patronising that sounds and it's truly not intended to sound that way at all :) But give it a shot, even if it's for a couple of days, it may help :)

I'm following WW, did so for two months from March and then had a break, and then rejoined a couple of weeks ago! Have lost 4 stone in total so far :D xxx
Thanks for the advice missy :)
I'm gonna try eating better and writing down everything I eat and pointing probably, cause I stopped doing that ages ago lol, but maybe if it will help if I start my journal again :)

Anyways Monday morning again, fresh start to the week, it looks a bit frosty outside! Anyway I better go, I'll check in later, hope you all have a good day xx
So here is my food diary for today :) hopefully writing everything down will get my weight shifting again :)

Breakfast - Special K with semi skimmed milk - 2 pts
Snack - Cereal Bar - 1.5 pts & a Smoothie - 2 pts
Lunch - Count on Us yorkshire pudding filled with steak and veg - 3 pts
Dinner - Pasta with chicken, tomato and basil - 6pts
Dessert - Vanilla and chocolate muiller light - 1 pt :)

Total points - 15.5 :)

Saved 0.5pts


The mother flippin'
Well done on the loss :) I don't think you can do too much exercise really, I think your body just hit a plateau. Glad to see it's already starting to shift again though! No matter what, if you burn more calories than you consume you'll lose weight eventually, just sometimes the body can resist for a while!

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